What’s it worth?

I love you
Its your return I’m awaiting
Lord I need you, the fire in my bones its been fading
Was it you or is it me?
But how if I never stopped praying
Ok you’re right I stopped caring
My way or the highway I was looking for quickness
While you’re the one who sustaining

What’s the point
What’s it for
oh Lord
what’s it worth

Acting as if you need me
Trying to keep from paying the price
Many years I have been waiting for you to answer these two prayers lord
And to be honest can I start by saying
That I’m travailin’
Straight limpin’
And at times I’m failing

Been such a long time coming
Since day one u made it clear I was something
So why am I sad
Why should feel left for last, forgotten
The people who started with me have all left you
And those after me have surpassed me
Now experience is much more than a simple argument
Way past a debate on knowledge
I know but what’s it for

oh lord
What’s it worth


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