Walls that I built

People got hit by the walls I had built
Bc they walked towards me without gaining rights
No knocking no ringing the bell
Don’t enter It said so u slammed into my stone
Walls of concrete great walls
Marble great wall of china
They speak and the echo is heard
The winds carry & resonate
Their trumpet call
They applaud
The highest! build on!
Their snide remarks bounced back to them cuz of my walls
Rocks thrown made my construction crack
So I polished
And stronger I built
a little higher I climbed
In the façade of my wall
But this girl saw my brim
And maneuvered the pavement as if she knew the blueprint
She found a stairway to my rooftop
Calling out seeing there was no ceiling
But no answer did I give
As she stood quiet waiting
A brick seller brought me a statue of hate an infinite lodge of cement in the hooves of the shovels so slick
She brought bricks stones and marble to my attention my options to pick
The pick up truck loaded with fencing as if my walls needed a decorative fix
Who called u I said
Oh I invited myself
I need you for my company her name was misery
She said
She unloaded and unloaded but I didn’t find a place for her to fit
Until I saw some1 hanging on the wall
Rapunzel do u really exist
No I’m only a vessel an instrument as a friend
And the fire came from heaven running misery out
Made the brick sellers close shop
Their sales had gone dry
There’s music there’s music
There’s laughter outside
And for my next construc the walls came tumbling down



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