Single (Song I wrote)

Chorus: I choose to wait
Cuz I know who ive believed in
I choose to wait and I choose to be single
I know I got choices
from so many lovers
But to diss my God
No I aint bugginMy God is faithful
My God is righteous

I know I’ve got choices
But I choose to be single

V1 tryna follow u eventho Im full of mistakes/ following my eyes Im having heartaches/ having freakin flashbacks, lord have mercy for heavens sake/ looking thru pics, tryna keep spiritually awake/ but I find myself w/girls God never sent/
Struggles w/desires got me hungry for some lovin/ But God’s promise for my wife, is not the one I can forfeit/
Im waiting for my honey dip/ someone I can vibe wit/
My true one and only/
Im single and all the girls wanna get to know me/ and these thoughts creepin got me feeling so lonely/ God have mercy just bring me the one that is for me/ I know you workin but the devil is disturbing/ my flesh reminds me of things that feel good/ things that I need, things like food/ but im way past hungry Its like a drug my body’s yearnin/ to keep it real lord submitting this flesh is a mission to my callin/ im tryina hold on to u, tryna wait for the one u showed me in the vision/

V2 Im single but im busy being single
Idle hands give the enemy something to work with
Delilah looking good but God keepin me single
Im busy being single

Got this word keeping me together Got his spirit holding me got the lord Jesus washing me clean
So when I get out of being single I can be my partners keeper
Not making foolish mistakes ima keep’er
Provide love and affection for my lady
Be a servant to my baby
Keep my heart faithful as I wait for my Baby


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