Spoken Word – 2014

I don’t even have to watch porn, Its all in my mind. It makes me sick cuz it flips channels all the time
the blood of Jesus
the blood of Jesus man.
5 yrs of singleness got me wanting to forget the rapture
Go for mine, invest and capture
Go after mine, snatch one as conquest.
You know a fine young man with some strong sex.
Strong appetite for flesh
My mind yo its like a bird’ nest
full of, bout to be birth, eggs

Keep it under cover babe not just undercovers
i mean under rubbers
Can u keep a secret
dont b a snitch cuz the devil sniffin
Then we’d be going under.
Thinking wed be safe if we use a rubber
Gotta calm slow down girl gotta be my friend before he be my lover

But God yo but God his amazing grace will show me the escape
and I be like Joseph uum
potiphar got naked run Joseph run!
Ey baybeh eh baybeh
the devil thought he had me, he thought my life was over, he thought by now id give up but God turned it!

he forgot that even in my sin I could turn around, and forget, forget him, repent repent.

Cuz if my heart leads me to sex it will lead be to death and I rather be dead than live in spiritual death, I said I rather be dead than live in spiritual death.
Si no hubiera sido por el fuego donde yo estaria si no hubiera sido por el fuego que en mi alma ardia

Come to church seeing demons run out, hearing satan yell out, the blood of Jesus come one come all, God giveth life God takes life away as it is, I move like Jesus u can’t crown me yet it’s not even my time son. Most temptations we face are the hungers we have within, most people hide’em but its like tryna cover the sun with one finger, u cant do it man u just cant do it man

Santo Jesus santo es el cordero de Dios, digno de mi alabanza, que seria de mi si tu no estas, permiteme adorarte a levantar mis manos permiteme decirte lo mucho que te amo permiteme prostarme, prostrarme a tus piez refugiarme en tus heridas Jesus de Nazareth

Coming to Christ limpin, lord I think you owe me a blessing
what happened u told me if I wrestled

You told me if I wrestled I would get the biggest of the blessings
Now im sitting here looking back all I see is Messes, every mistake became a preachin full of lessons you know the flesh it just keeps you guessin

But this lil game u playing lord I feeling all this stress and
Idk if I can make it cuz im tired of all this waitin

I think u favored Leah lord bc now u remembered Rachel and shorty died while she was birthin
Now the bible says the mysteries of God are his and we should be complacent
But I have an attitude and a heart problem
And i dont think u can handle dem
and I dont know if I can be yours anymore I need a break

What u say lord I need a what
I heard him say you need a breaking

Oh no no no I think u misheard me I said I need a break umm
As in u go ur way I go mine
and maybe in a few I’ll come around
U know maybe I’ll call u late night
when im feeling lonely
I never said any thing about more breaking

Quebrantame y hazme denuevo

Oh man this serving Christ serving Christ Jesus lord God almighty God of all flesh why’d you call me
Why me
What do you see in me
And why can i not see what you see

All I see Is curves all I see is flesh I see lots of potential but im more aware of this mess
Clean up clean up everybody everywhere
My God my lord have mercy on us all

For his glory I would do any thing just to see u and behold u as my king for your glory

He says he got plans for me
You aint the first to say it lord
Ive had many who have lied to me

Then he said there is no other quite like me im perfect
My plans are to prosper you, to give you hope you see
My Plans are perfect, in me there’s no make believe

So I got outta the cave, he pulled me out the deep waters
And I walked back to the boat w the diciples
But there was more

The price I gotta pay
It’s way more expensive than any number I could say

The price we gotta pay is more expensive than any number we could say


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