Self Love

One of the things I am seeing, and is grieving my spirit, is the increase of beauty enhancements for women in specific.
Society has a crazy and deranged perception of what is beauty, and it is sickening to sell it to our young girls regardless of age and race.


If we take our attention to TV, media and magazines we will see the phenomenon and return of girdles, physical exercise and nutrition. Great, let this be our goal. But why is our society, why has our society been so infested with eating disorders!? Prostitution, cutting and a large number of substance abuse disorders?
There is an underlining factor in our society. It is called opression. It is called insecurity. It is called self loathing.
Why do people get high? To escape reality and problems.
Why do people give their bodies away for sex? To make money, feel some type of affection and to escape reality for a moment. 
Why do people have eating disorders?  Because somewhere in their brain they were offended in their physical appearance, some people use food as comfort and other abstain from food to reach their skin and bones.


But what about breast enhancements, butt implants, nip and tuck here AND there for an ideal creation of the perfect body. Why does the world feel so inadequate? Why are these kids role models celebrities who glorify themselves? They are not responsible for our kids, but honestly speaking we all know the immense amount of influence these people have on society and it’s young people.


Why are there so many women running to the Caribbean and South America to get these life threatening procedures done. Why are young girls at 21 and 22 opting out to surgery here in America, when all they really need is to get discipline into their lives.


Living a fit and healthy life style takes work, and dedication; one word sums it up: Discipline.
Unfortunately, many people will never get this essential virtue because it is much easier to get a surgery done, to cut off all of the unwanted fat.


This is very saddening to me.
It makes me sad for my generation of 20 and 30 year olds.
It makes me sick for the teenage girls and even boys, who are being brainwashed to believe this is the way to achieving love, success and satisfaction.
One of the things I have observed is that we are all made up of different genes, some people naturally have bigger hips, other women have bigger breasts, small nipples, big nipples, long legs, short legs, long torso, short torso; so for course not everyone should aspire to be a size 0. Or build bulky arms and legs. This is not what I mean. But with whatever weight and body shape we own, let OWN IT!


It makes me extremely sad for the older women too, those women over 50 who desire to look young. Some desire youthful lovers, others simply want to look as they did when they were younger.

But let’s consider this.
Imagine being 60 yrs old, not being able to go up the stairs, much less jog for a minimum of 5 minutes, cannot complete a set of push ups.  And this person gets this surgery done; this person still cannot carry out any of the aforementioned because the outside was changed, not the inside.
Even still, that person may still be unsatisfied with their looks because they do not truly love and accept themselves.


Putting on someone else’s body is not the solution to lack of self love.

Many women after 60 undergo menopause,

and deal with a great number of illness and disease. Many want to blame genetics for the illnesses and diseases, but that is a lie they want to believe. Our body is a make up of its history.


To change directions again, I want to address parenting. I do not have children as of yet, by the grace of God, and I even fear having children. I would love my own family, and to raise and nurture a family of love, morals and joy but bringing them into this corrupt world frightens me.

I would not want to raise my children in front of the TV, as I observe parents do. I was once a pre-teen and I rememebr the influence TV and films, even music had on my soul (mind, will and emotions). And I would like to encourage parents to spend time, talking to their kids about these trivial issues. They may seem  unimportant but trust me as a young person (29 yrs old), we deal with external pressures like you would not believe.


Even now, I think of ideas to combat what surrounds us as a people, in America. The world as we know it,

glorifies money, sex and vanity.


This is what is all is.

Vanity. Man’s greatest sin.
Remember the movie with AL Pacino and Keanu Reaves , The devil’s advocate.


The interesting factor in all this, is how inadequate we feel. How unloved we are, even if we have loving parents, friends etc. We continue to feel empty inside, and we put on façades the older we get. We hide behind our expensive cars, our highly respected positions at the job, we dress impeccably, and we speak with fines and articulation. But do we love ourselves?  Do we stop realize that we were created, in such a way that even the hairs of our head are numbered?


Do we care that we have the ability to walk and talk, while there are people who have been born deformed, deaf, mute, blind?
Have we considered that our God is glorified when we love ourselves. God took his time on us.
Let’s value that. Let’s honor our creator.



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