Fear of God

Fear the lord, and follow his commandments for this is the entire duty of man. Ecclesiastes 12:13

Many people wonder what is the Fear of the Lord?
Should we be afraid of God?
Ofcourse, there are those who don’t even believe in God.
But this message is for those who have ever wondered or thought:

What does it mean to fear God?

Before receiving Christ as my Lord and Savior. I thought of God as a higher being. I respected spirituality, but i wasn’t quite sure who God was. And many times I considered the thought that maybe there was no actual creator.
All of creation tells me it has a beautiful creator. The things which directly impact me are the human body, the ecosystem, the animal kingdom.
After my first encounter with God, immediately the fear of God convinced me of His awe and my ‘oh-so-powerful-yet-frail’ humanity.

As a very physical and active person, I am very aware of my body. I am and have always been intrigued about our body, our body systems and our genetic makeup. Even small things, like our the bone marrow’s aid to the body; or how the sun rays trigger the skin for vitamin D production.

Or, how about the smallest factor of our very existence: the oxygen that comes from plants, for us!!


What do you think it means, to say: I am fearfully and wonderfully made?

God made us wonderfully because WE ARE a wonderful creation, we cause wonder, we are full of wonder.

So what about fearfully?
was God in fear as He created us?

No, but God made us with extreme care and precision,
with intense thought and consideration;
to say the least He used an extremely well calculated approach, to create us.


We fear God in our response and perception to him.

Our respect and honor to the King of kings, and lord of lords.

In a similar way in which we would “fear” President Obama or higher authorities in law enforcement with power to make judgements over our lives.

Power to make judgements over our lives.

We fear God in knowing His holiness, and knowing we can’t just talk to him or treat him in any old way.


Somewhat like our parents, grandparents… back in the day grandparents were considered strict but really they were no nonsense.

Nonsense was an attitude, a response or even a look of offense. It was considered the ultimate disrespect if you did something on purpose, which usually committed in ignorance. And many times inevitable.

But nowadays some parents, put up with nonsense; they are accepting mediocre behavior and attitudes.
I remember I couldn’t even talk back to my mom, or raise my voice. I even got slapped for rolling my eyes.

Another way God is to be “feared” is to love him and put Him first in all things. This means to put nothing before Him.

God is a jealous God.
Let’s say God tells you to break up with someone, telling you that they are not good for you. But you choose to ignore Him, that is disobedience. In essence, it is disrespect.

If God tells you to love your enemy and bless them, and you don’t that is not honoring God.
That’s honoring your self. Your flesh. Your desires. Your emotions.

Do you honor God?
Or do you honor you?


Now Yes! God wants us to be happy and cares about our every emotion and desire, but He will never go against his character.

God doesn’t change, He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

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