If God is so good, why then is he condemning us? Why is punishing us for following our human nature, our desires, what makes us happy and gives us comfort?
What kind of God create humanity and then curses them?

God is so good that He created us with free will, to choose, to make decisions. To seek him, to accept him, ignore him or reject him.

God desires for all men to be saved, because the only one that deserves damnation is Satan himself. Hell was prepared for Satan and his fallen angels, who thought to be like God.

When Satan came to Eve in the garden, he presented to her the option of free will. He proposed she follow God’s plan or her own. Eve, guilty in curiosity opted out to be similar to God herself.


In free will, she chose along with Adam to obtain knowledge and be similar to God. God respecting their choice, cursed them but promised them a deliverer to break the curse as well.

God is JUST.

When many Christians share the gospel, they allow their free will to influence the message; this miscommunicates the message of God. Some Christians share the laws of the bible as the gospel of Jesus. Some people share only the condemning part of the gospel. And others only spread the blessings of God that come from God’s message.


The love of God is so grand that in his anger for our adulterous ways, he condemns us in punishment: but he also provides salvation.
What is salvation?

What are you being saved from?

The judgement coming to the devil and his followers, his victims, his slaves.

Why do we preach Christ?
Because sin condemns us to God’s wrath.

God is a great and dreadful God.

He says take no vengeance, leave it up to me. It’s a terrible thing to end up in the hands of God.


Christianity is salvation from the sin that condems us to eternal hell and separation from God our father. We are  Saved by Grace, by Jesus Christ. Salvation is not by works so that none may boast, but in the same token faith without works is dead. For example, if I have faith in getting a job, I have to move in faith. Moving in faith means works, fixing up my resume, putting in applications, preparing for career fairs and job interviews. Otherwise I cannot say I have faith that I will get a job.

Faith in God requires works. Not works to earn salvation, but to please God.

Faith functions with works.

To please God we move in love, in obedience to the word of God. The bible says to love God above all things, and with all of our being. The bible also says to love our neighbors, as we love ourselves.

Once we accept Christ as Lord and savior, we receive God’s holy spirit in our heart. The holy spirit of God, fills our hearts with the love of God and the hope of glory. And this hope does not disappoint.

The spirit of God is the spirit of truth. This means that God himself will begin to teach you what pleases him and what displeases him. God’s holy spirit will begin to renew our minds and gives us and new nature. It is not about following a religion, a trend or a fad, but about following the leading of the holy spirit of God. But to believe in God is a work of God’s holy spirit, if we are able to open our hearts and mind to Him. Many people do not believe because their hearts have been hardened by the enemy of theur soul. The prince of this world who influences the world in corruption, lawlessness and hate. He came to steal to kill and to destroy, but Jesus came to give life, and to give life more abundantly.

One day Jesus will come back to judge the world, we will be either eternally alive with God or eternally separated from God. Jesus first came to save us from eternal damnation.


It is a work of the spirit of God through the faith that God has already given us. Everyone has faith, everyone believes in something.

Some believe in the sun, others in the stars, some believe in rocks and many believe in different deities.

If we truly want to find the truth, we have to open our hearts and let God, be God. 


We have to seek God, while He may still be found. One day He won’t be around to be found. Have you ever lost something and gave up on looking for it, but then hours or days later when you don’t need it you come across it?
The bible says if we draw close to God, He will draw closer to us. Let’s desire to find the true and living God, in whom there is joy forevermore.

To seek God and be saved until the end is up to you, God’s word says work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.


God is a merciful, loving and forgiving God, God is Love but God is also just and holy. And because God is holy and just, He is not the author of confusion, he became flesh in Christ, giving His son to die for our salvation from his own wrath.


God saved us from Himself, by Himself, for Himself.


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