He snatched me up (2011 Poetic Flow)

I’m sitting here, analyzing myself and my “things”
my love for jewelry, and shiny things
the things I like and that I used to like
the things I did to myself, for my own hype
I came to the conclusion
that my reasons came from disillusion

The pain of being neglected and rejected
left me with some insecurity
looking for light, in pitch black obscurity
seeking to feed itself,
by hurting myself
rebelling, trying to heal myself

My belly rings came from wanting a six pack
somehow they became my motivation
didnt like my stomach, for no apparent reason
and the piercings took away the concern in their season
I became enamored with piercings, and flesh cuts
and the more I was told to not do this, I did just THAT

You wanna yell, let me give u a reason to wild out

Its funny now, when I pierced my nose
I kept turning my face so they wouldn’t know
I liked the nose ring better than my nose
and go figure I bet I’m the only one who knows

My eyebrow and the back of my neck were my favorite
a part of me, like a charm bracelet
just another side of me
a rebel without a cause, you see?
representing the ‘other side’ of me
Mrs. attitude, mrs. snap on anybody

because being nice and sweet
was cornball and weak
So many things I tried, the curiosity
of the little dream girl in me
that’s who they stimulated
But in the end I was the one mutilated

My old self was so blind,
I look back in time
I see how hurt I was, u know, deep down inside
I was looking for something, to ease the pain, to make the pain die

And when I see the cutters and those ppl who get high
I dont criticize
they are truly hurting inside
they dont wana die
they just want peace of mind

love and acceptance
from those who have hurt them
who they wanna despise
but cant stop loving, as hard as they try

something sad about life
its those stupid lies
like words can never hurt me
and the idea that there’s a perfect size
the novelas and disney with their fake cinderella themes
the government with their crooked schemes
celebrities always smiling like they live a fabulous life
and society how you should be married by a certain time

Thank You Lord Thank You Most High
for your truth, since u r not a man that u should lie
For your revelation, for being who you are
For your love, being so close even when Im so far

I was ready to go, I was ready to die
But u thought of me and snatched me up, You always right on time


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