Spoken Word Poem for Valentines Day

So I asked Jesus to be my Valentine, cuz I got tired of the men with their corny lines.
I was steady cheesing tho, figured He already had too many Valentines.

But then He said Yes, and He told He’d die for me!

I don’t kno, and I am sure there is no one, not a one!
Not anyone, not a soul, who’d do all of that for me!
I was awestruck, sitting there mouth open wide!
Then He asked me for my heart,

but I didn’t see the point,

I told Him ‘I got this’.

Y’all know, that pride.

With my pride up,
wouldn’t be caught dead looking a hot mess.
But my heart was as cold as ice, nothing nice to say,
u know kinda wordless,
more like speechless.

Feeling underrated,
type worthless.

So you see my heart was cold and I just didn’t care anymore.
I had gone all out, I didn’t even see what I was alive for.
But now Jesus has my heart, and guess what y’all!
Many are called, few are chosen, Its up to us
we must answer the call.

He gave color to my life, He brought my dreams back to life!
Filled me with hope,
Healing my wounds
He even gave me some rhymes!

No point in wasting time,
no looking back cuz He got this ocean of fire burning within me.

This passion
this comfort,
this ecstacy of joy in His voice,
His thoughts,
in His plans for me.

And u Mr. wanna be valentine
You can’t have my heart yet,
unless its meant to be,
cuz I gave the Lord what was left of me.

I know that if you’re the one,
He got this. Some ppl call it fate,
But you and I,
our love is destiny.

We just gotta keep the faith.


Don’t steal my poem y’all.


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