He’s calling

One of the things that kept me from really knowing and seeking God was that I was too much of a sinner.

And I actually liked sin.

Most of the time, so I wasn’t ‘ready’ to let it go. And that day never came!

But God kept insisting and I wondered why would God want me?

God wants you

. I don’t know why, only He does.


I’m not recruiting for church nor am I here because I have nothing better to do, than to talk about God to you.

Honestly, I am still a work in progress, good thing God doesn’t ask that we change according to our own will or strength.


He created us and whatever He removes from our hearts, minds or lives is because He didn’t give it to us and we don’t need it.

Yes, you can try to change with your own strength, but your power is limited.
For example I stopped smoking cigarettes for 6 years after smoking for 6 years. I have a strong will, undoubtedly but I still fell prey to smoking g cigarettes when I found myself extremely stressed. Anybody that has ever been tied up by cigarettes can testify on how powerful the smoking thing can go, even if you don’t want to smoke. But what did God do, he spiritually broke the chains that bonded me to cigarette smoking. Now, some people may believe some may not, but I can testify that Jesus Christ is all powerful. And he can break any kind of slavery.


What if I told you there is more to life? More. Good, positively, abundantly more.

A love that only God can give you.


void only Jesus can fill.

Don’t run from God, just give Him a chance.

He loves you just the way you are, flaws, baggage, insecurities, opinions, lifestyles and whatever kind of labels you identify with.


You’re gona love your new life, your new relationship: I guarantee it. God bless you.



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