I consider myself a believer, for all time, maybe not faithfully but somewhat.
Meaning, I have always believed in God, and in Jesus name.

My faith fluctuated based on the knowledge I acquired, throughout the years. And somehow the Almighty God became a higher being, and soon enough I resorted to a bunch of different spiritual means for direction, joy, love and peace. I must say when we resort to other gods like saints, rituals, and dogmas we are betraying and cheating on the Most High God, Jehovah. God does forgive us, when we do not know any better.

But God!

I am beyond grateful for this journey, of Christianity, God has called me on. It is not easy!!!!! But it truly is beyond belief.

How could it be beyond belief?

Its been such a test of faith, this thing called surrender!
Giving my plans to the Lord and seeking His direction before running off with my own agenda and conclusions! Being content with all circumstances in my life, having my character sharpened!

It is not easy to resist temptations, which the enemy uses against you knowing what you truly like and desire;
It is certainly not so grand to humble myself before God either!

It is not easy to avoid some ungodly activities, to keep myself ‘holy’, it is sometimes difficult to manage my godly and ungodly relationships, and to make ends meet while maintaining my integrity before God! (For example, I can steal or sell illegal substances, right? Or even strip or do pornography, why not?)


I constantly play around around and say I need to sell drugs,  because I need money. Now it is simply a joke, but if I did not serve God, it would be a decision, not a joke.

Nonetheless, God has used all this to glorify Himself in my life, exclusively to me, to show me what is truly important; to show me who He is.


There is one scripture I would like to share with you today:

My God shall supply, to all your needs according to His riches in Glory. Philippians 4:19


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