Poetry ‘On Replay’

I fast forward
But I rewind it even faster
Like the moon sneaking up
Before the sunsets
My heart is grieved
I’m dying
And it rewinds to replay
So I rush to sleep
Maybe take a pill
Buy a bottle
Or light a spliff
Cuz tomorrow will come
Like another replay
While I’m dying
I mean while I’m sleeping

Like the sun
It comes up
While there is still darkness
They share a few moments
of the same spotlight
Then there’s a fast forward a rewind
And I hate the replay
Walking into the light
Walking out of the darkness

Tattoo on my skin
What’s the difference if I start cutting
I will pay someone to cut for me
And pay them for coloring the pain

Deep wounds
Pretty scars
I’ve got sun-moon confusion
I’ve got a tired of waiting
That sleep cannot cure
Except that tomorrow
I will wake up to another day
If I wake up
If I wake up
To the replay


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