Human in me (2014)

​I mean 

am I human

I have roots which come from ancient times

some time 

Way before the continents split up

I dance to the beat of African sounds

Is there a skin tone for ethnicity

for my ethnicity?

is there a language for race

Am I counted in the race?

If I was dark skinned people say I’d be Africana

If i had a straight nose I’d be of the indigenous kind

but my family is a deep kind

Of mixture

dark skinned, chocolate and cinnamon

olive skinned, high yellow and pale white

but me 

I don’t know my color

but me

I seem to feel

To be color blind

but me

I’d say I’m human



and Asian

Quite possibly a Spaniards child

sounds like countries to me 

So am I the Spanish I speak?

Am I the slant of my eyes?

Or the stubble on my nose? 

Am I the big lip kind?

Or am I human 

Is there a human in me 


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