Devotional 10/07/2016

But keep me in mind when things go well for you. Be sure to extend kindness to me by remembering me to Pharaoh, and he would bring me out of this prison. Genesis 40:14

Does it ever seem to you, that God is up in heaven, very far from you and not interested in you?

I have felt that way for years, and every so often God sends some word to remind me that He is truly alive, and paying attention to me.  As I evangelize in the streets, I find people who tell me to remind God about them. I have told people that God loves them and they reply with cynical comments – and I understand them. I have come across others who have told me that they doubt that God loves them because if he did then he should be acting on their behalf, with favor, with good news, with something.


I have felt this way and I am sure that many other Christians go through these seasons as well. I can not help but to remember Rachel, and how God eventually remembered her.

In the book of Genesis, we meet Jacob who was a trickster, but called to continue the legacy of faith. Jacob fell in love with Rachel, but was tricked into marrying Leah, her older sister. Jacob had to work for 14 years for Rachel, and when he married her- Leah was the one who birthed children. Can you imagine the sorrow that Rachel felt? eventually God did remember her, but does this encourage those who have been waiting?
Another character in the word of God, was Hannah who had a similar situation- her husband’s other wife was having kids, but Hannah was barren. This caused her so much sorrow, and her husband Elkanah could not understand it. He asked her “isn’t my love enough for you?”.
Aren’t we this way with God- He loves us so dearly- to stay by our side, to wake us and keep us in our right mind daily, to provide for us physically, emotionally and financially. Why are we so absentminded?



Because we have longing desires and expectations in our hearts, that we know would fulfill the joy in our lives.

In the history of Joseph, we learn that he was forgotten by the cup-bearer. Joseph interpreted dreams for these men, the cup bearer and the baker. If he had not the prisoners would have no peace, thinking about this dream and they would have no hope as for the future. So Joseph even though God allowed him to be wrongfully imprisoned, he continued to use his gifts and honored God while doing so. Joseph did not know when he would be released from prison, but he continued there with what seems leadership in the jail. Guess what Joseph was forgotten by the cupbearer when his position was restored, and Joseph remained in jail until one day that the new King had a dream and the cup bearer remembered Joseph. Joseph was released from prison, and he was established by the King to be second in command for the Egyptian empire.

What a price to pay! Sometimes we do not understand why it seems that God is so far, and has so forgotten us- I imagine Joseph prayed to be released from jail often, and I am also certain that he was also determined to maintain a positive attitude through his processes. If he did not he would not have been made a leader of the jail, and he would not have interpreted the dream for the men either.


Let’s pray:
Lord God, I stand here calling out to you for mercy- you are the lifter of my head. Please forgive me if I have doubted your love for me. Forgive me if I have wanted to throw in the towel, and truly believe that you have forgotten and forsaken me. I pray for me, and all believers around the world, that we may find ways to hold on to our God-given dreams and remain in willful dispositions to serve you joyfully lord. I pray Jesus’ prayer before his crucifixion: Father pass this cup from me, but if it is your will, may it be your will and not mine.” As hard as it may be, help us Lord to stand firm and to be awakened to your grace that is sufficient, in the name of Jesus I pay.





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