Devotional 10/13/2016

And everyone who has this hope fixed on Him purifies himself, just as He is pure. 1 John 3:3

Not only do we serve an awesome God, but we also serve a holy God. In the scriptures we learn of a holy and just God who hates sin and pride. In the old testament the set up of the tabernacle and the law were costly, and rigid to say the least. For quite some time I have been battling with impure thoughts and desires, not only do they lead me astray and frustrate me but they also make me question myself and my love for GOD.

God knows our hearts, and he knows our battles because the bible says that He in the flesh (Jesus Christ) went through every temptation known to us and therefore he is able to have compassion on us. We also learn about he, who was ordained by God to be High Priest for the Israelite once they were freed from Egyptian Captivity, after crossing the RED SEA. His name was Aaron, but while God was giving Moses instructions and setting up his divine order for them on earth, Aaron was sinning with the Israelite camp. Maybe God chose him to be the high priest to intercede for the wrong of his people, who were just as guilty as him.

Unless we go through each other’s issues we would never be able to fully comprehend the complexity of each process.

And both of these men, are able to help us identify with our imperfections and impurities. God makes us a call to holiness, to purity. It is something to be sought after daily. And would only make perfect sense to the people who are truly and fully surrendered to God aka dead to the flesh nature.

Not only is purity demanded from the exterior, but most importantly for our conduct and our heart’s disposition. The bible mentions a few things about the pure in heart will be the only ones to see GOD. Imagine that!


Image result for purity scriptures psalm 51

Let’s pray:

Father God, I come before you with a new petition this day. I do not want to be dirty anymore, not in my thoughts or in the intentions of my heart, I don’t want to have bitterness, or jealousy or frustration in my heart. I don’t want wicked thoughts to invade my mind lord, so I present myself to you. And I simply ask you to renew a right heart within me, and let my mind be focused on you. I include the body of Christ in this petition Lord, because we need you now more than ever before. We need to be YOU here on earth, and that would only be possible with your help Jesus. In your name, which is above every name I pray. Amen. 



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