Devotional 10/14/2016

Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Proverbs 13:12

What can be worse than being disappointed?
There are many of us, who cannot bear disappointment yet we can deal with loss. Grief is painful, but there is usually a hint of hope when something is loss. Maybe because of nature, we see leaves die in the fall and we see flowers bloom in the spring. Maybe we believe in this hope, deep in our hearts.

And maybe disappointment hurts a lot more, because we thought we knew: we believed: we expected. And it was not so.

How can we believe again?

What we once thought, expected and believed took an undesirable turn against us. And it rocked us; shook us up so violently, left us in a pool of despair feeling deceived, tricked, disillusioned and disappointed.

The cause of disappointment comes from having expectation. Hence expectation comes from love, from faith and from hope. We almost cannot separate the three, but we must.

We have faith in God, we grow in love with God and we wait hopefully for God to act.

When God fails to act we can easily feel forgotten, forsaken, cheated and even unloved.

Yes! But how can our perception of God be destroyed over ‘hope being deferred’? Should we be upset with God?

God is a promise keeping God, a God of purpose and a God of the impossible. God has given visions, dreams, qualifications and even spiritual gifts to many of you: but all this amounts to nothing because you have to depend on God to enjoy any of it.

Now, many of us expect to receive sooner than later. And this extended hold time, causes a drag in our step, or pain in our day – especially when we find ourselves in the flesh more often than we would like. This hopelessness leaves us weary: fatigued, fainthearted and exhausted.

We fail to realize and remember: “hope is the anchor to the soul.”

The soul is our entire being. Our soul is eternal, it is what God saves. Thereon, hope in Jesus is what our soul requires of us, to be energized for life. God expects us, to place our hope in Christ, because this hope gives life.

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, I come before you to stand in the gap for myself and my loved ones, and the christian brotherhood. Lord we have known you and the truth, we have began this walk with you, but Lord we hear the enemy say that we’ve been played and forgotten. I come to you Lord, to ask you to give us grace enabling us to work with you during these trials of faith. May we know what it is you expect of us, may our fruit grow during these times and may we overcome all deception that may come at us from the enemy trenches. I pray for a refortified covering for our minds and hearts, and I pray for strength Lord; I pray for new focus and renewed drive in Jesus name I pray, Amen.



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