Devotional 10/11/2016

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Galatians 6:9

The enemy, the devil has no access to us, and he cannot take anything from us because the blood of Jesus is a repellent to him. The devil doesn’t do much to BELIEVERS OF CHRIST, we either bring consequences to ourselves in our carnality or we give him access. Satan is shrewd tho, therefore his wise enough to come up with slick strategies to make us his victims. One of his strategies, is to wear us out. He gains momentum when we become so tired with all the fighting (and the disappointment), that it wears us out. That is one of his strategies, he waits for us to be tired.

With exhaustion, we get distracted, we become indifferent and/or we give up our position. 
If we do any of these, we open up gaps where the enemy attacks us or our loved ones. All other attacks are simply darts, that can be thwarted if we have the armor (of God) on. If you don’t, then your own neglect gives the enemy territory in your mind/body.
Adam and Eve were not tired, but they were deceived. They traded their relationship with God, for momentary satisfaction and curiosity, gave away their authority, dominion and brought a great burden to responsibilities. They were commanded to tend to the garden, but after the fall they were cursed to work and sweat for a living. Imagine they had not sinned- we would have dominion over all things, the devil would not be able to tempt us and we would love work. An example of exhaustion is Esau, who sold his birthright and lost his position and inheritance as firstborn. God has promises for us, but sometimes we have such a strong need as a survival instinct that we will trade in the promise, for the moment. Esau in fact had a need, he was hungry. But why did he sell his birthright, could he not sell something less valuable?
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We cannot neglect all that God has put in our hands, and we must hold on dearly to the promises God has placed in our hearts. And to be able to do this we need to reload daily on humility, patience and confidence in God that he will come through.
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Let’s Pray:
Lord Jesus, I come before as a child would come to your presence; excited to get a response, excited to see if I receive what I came to ask for. I present my self and my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who no longer have joy in the waiting process. Those of us who doubt if we can hold on any longer, our desires have superseded our needs apparently and we have already lost the care to wait for these promises. I simply pray for your divine favor to fulfill these promises by your divine power, since we know that these manifestations could only be done by you. Lord, I stand in the gap for myself and for my brethren, because I know they are also paying a hearty price in the wait. I pray for your mercy and enabling grace to value your promises more and to love your call. I pray for renewed spiritual power in my inner man, and in their inner man. May we be strong and discerning, and hold fast to the truth in order to not be deceived by the enemies tactics. In the might name of JESUS, I pray! Amen! 

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