Devotional 10/22/2016

Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me. Psalm 51:12

God is good all the time, all the time God is good… except that sometimes we are not always focused on God, and He nor life seem so good- and we lose our vitality.

Vitality: stamina, strength

There is one thing that us humans have in common above all things: we all want to be happy. If we could equate the having another day to live with happiness, that would be phenomenal. But that is simply not true. Some of us wake up and we do not even realize that we are supposed to be grateful!

That says a lot about us- but if we can take a moment to look at this objectively, we could understand a little better. Some people wake up to pain: physical pain or emotional pain. Wake up to dead end jobs, problematic circumstances at home, stressful relationships, detrimental habits and life becomes hopeless.

Why am I alive?

Am I supposed to be thankful with this type of live? Why didn’t I die last night- just like so and so? Where is the blessing in being here still?

This is true for many Christians, having God as our Savior with us at all times does not always exempt us from suffering physically or emotionally. Even though the Lord will deliver us and will heal us, most of us if not all will experience moments of affliction.

If we are circumstance focused- we may doubt God and His word altogether. 

The most painful of situations make the believer either question God or make us lean closer to Him. God is sovereign, one way to understanding this is that if he allows you to make a decision on free will and it is the wrong decision he will work it around for  your good. And he always has a way to comfort is, we simply have to be in disposition to receive.

God uses what was meant for harm, for our good. And He works all things together for our good. To go through suffering does not mean God is not with you, or that God’s calling is not worth it- we have yet not seen the finished outcome.

As believers we must understand that Jesus suffered, and he suffered unto obedience. If he was spit on, disrespected, misinterpreted and crucified: we will too! 

Jesus was tempted in all ways as we are, but he remained faithful- and perfect- I am sure Jesus suffered through these trials and tribulations. When Lazarus died he wept. When he was on his way to crucifixion he sweat blood- talk about pressure.

Remember he was 100% man, and 100% God.
We are simply paying the price to share in His glory. The glory here on earth that is to be revealed as we are led by Him, and the glory that we will share with him in heaven.

Lets pray:

My God, lord Jesus, thank you. Thank you for being true. Thank you that your word is true, I present myself and believers around the world to your throne of mercy. I plead for mercy Lord, may you cover us with favor, compassion and love. May we keep our eyes focus on you, and on your purposes- may we not become overwhelmed by any process but be strengthened physically and spiritually in our inner man. In Jesus  name, I pray. 


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