Devotional 10/27/2016

See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Ephesians 5:15-16

What did you do today? 

How productive was your day? How much time did you invest in you?

  •  acquiring knowledge
  •  resting your mind
  •  releasing stress
  •  achieving goals
  •  challenging your self

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One of the annoying things to me, is to see a female or male wasting their life. It is most probably because I wasted a lot of time doing nothing except worry, act reckless and smoke weed. I spent a lot of time worried in anxiety about becoming successful, yet I was not ever sure what I was supposed to be doing. All grown ups would say is “go to school, get a job”, and I did that: all throughout it was vexation of spirit and never answered my question.

Why am I here? What is my purpose?

For a long time I was not doing anything except work and go to school. Passions and ideas came and went, I became knowledgeable in many many things- but I never focused fully on one. Changed majors more than underwear, did more things than most 20 year olds did back then.

I avoided dealing with my emotions and passions, those were the things I kept hidden for me in secret. And little did I know, they were my greatest assets, my greatest tools to finding freedom in this journey of success.

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God is a God of purpose. He has a point.

I often became depressed because I wanted to know if I had a purpose. It was not enough to be alive, or to be in relationships, and money was not compensating the yearning I had to know why I was here on this planet earth. What was the point, all this pain had to have a point!

I am straight to the point, with everything; it makes me somewhat of a crude. But I like to know the point. I do not think ‘grown ups’ are entirely wrong when they tell us to go to school and to work- they mean well. But I believe that children do not mature until their 20’s therefore, they should not be thrown into society without the proper preparation from guardians, mentors and counselors. Otherwise as most college graduates would say, school is somewhat of a waste of time. How can you make good use of it? By taking classes that you enjoy- not settling for a major because of the money it makes, or the title it will give you.

It is similar to relationships, why are 18 year olds having sex- do you realize that your body is developed but your mind and emotions are not.

It is that way with careers and purpose, your soul has to develop in order to properly assess your ambitions and destiny.
And this takes TIME!

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God created us on purpose, for His  purpose. This is why we must search our selves and seek God for specifics. We must put in the time and effort that it takes to develop our potential and become our greatest self. The times are evil and God needs us to be the light in the world. The world is much more than your local church, your school or your 9-5 job. The Lord didn’t bring us here to pay bills and die, He created us to glorify His name. He called us to become the greatest in our Call.

Some people like to paint, others dance, some enjoy architecture, some electricity, others really love biology or astrophysics- how awesome is God! You can be a student today but tomorrow you can be the greatest architecture firm the world has ever known. And guess who you will attract attention to- to Jesus.

Today you can be a bible school teacher, tomorrow you will be opening public schools and churches in third world countries. But it all depends on how you are using your time right now.
Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, only you know our comings and goings: I present my life to you, and of my loved ones. I simply  pray for wisdom, focus and strategy. Help us to make use of our time, and if we begin to get weary remind us of our purpose, remind us of the point. I pray for those who are anxious, ambivalent or with no vision- I pray you would begin to give them revelation to know themselves and to focus on one goal at a time. Lord, I pray that you continue to open our eyes of understanding, and make us sensitive to your leading, may we reach and walk in our full potential. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. 



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