Devotional 11/07/2016

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. Hebrews 4:16

Grace: Charis (Hebrew)

  • freely giving, kindness, blessing, concession, credit, favor , gift , gratitude, thankfulness

I am a grace preacher because God has trained me in this manner. I preach Grace, I believe in Grace and I know God as Grace. Many people live in fear of losing their salvation, or not being able to serve God according to God’s standard- and this is all based on grace.

Yes, there is a consequence to sin and equal return to disobedience but God is not concerned on heaven and hell. We are concerned with heaven and hell.

God has already sealed us unto the day of redemption and He will continue His work on us until the day of His return. That is grace. 

Grace is God enabling us with supernatural holy spirit power to do His will.

Grace is God picking us up from our falls and shortcomings and setting us up in our rightful positions.

Grace is God choosing us to serve Him, in Christ Jesus, before He even came to manifest on the earth: before the foundations of the earth.

These are all scriptures that we much anchor to our souls, otherwise we will walk in condemnation more than in the peace that God died to give us.

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Will God send a believer to hell?


How do people end up in hell then?

Because we have options. See God sent Jesus to destroy the works of the devil, and Jesus had to leave to make room for all of us to have equal opportunity to receive God’s holy spirit. That is also Grace.

Jesus manifested as the living word of God, and God’s Holy Spirit manifested to convict us of sin, to lead us into all truth and to seal us as children of God. 

Sin kills, just like gravity pulls us down to the earth, and fire burns.

If we choose sin, yes choose sin, after knowing the truth, we will damn our selves to hell. A lifestyle of sin, is different from occasional sin.

A reprobate mind is damned by sin, because that mind does not and refuses to acknowledge God. For many of us, we think this mind is only for unbelievers but the enemy is very subtle and he roams the earth seeking who to devour.

If we leave doors open for the enemy to enter, he will surely attack us. But we can always get back on track, this is God’s grace. But the choice is up to us.

There is a great mystery as far as why or how God chooses us, to come to the knowledge of Christ but allows others to live a life of sin and then repent in the end. This is a matter of humbling ourselves before God, and simply accepting His will for our lives.

Some people walk away, but the holy spirit in them will not let them rest in their sinful lifestyle. And if we continuously push God away, we would develop pride and eventually a reprobate mind- where God would oppose us.


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Mercy and Grace are different. But I will make tomorrow’s blog about this topic. Glory to Jesus .

Let’s Pray:

Thank you Lord Jesus, because nothing that you allow me to experience is in vain. You know exactly how to minister to me, and I love you for that. Even though we suffer and we have questions, the moments we spend with you re-strengthen us and you truly become the grace which sustains us. I pray for my self and family in Christ, that your grace would become real to people, may we be grace minded and not hell minded. May we focus on your love, and not your punishment. May we know your joy, and not bitterness or brokenheartedness. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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