Devotional 11/08/2016

We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14

In the past few days I have touched the topics of dying to our flesh, in regards to self discipline, humility and obedience- I have spoken of who God is, his love and mercy, and his grace.

Today I am going to address grace, once again, but in comparison to mercy and why they are not the same. Mercy means compassion, or forgiveness, and to pay an offender with good instead of with what they deserve.

Grace means favor, approval, given talent or blessing, typically unearned and undeserved. Mercy is to somehow escape the punishment that comes from judgment. 

And grace is every action of kindness given or shown to us past those acts of pity and compassion. We do not deserve and can not earn God’s favor, but we can pray for God’s mercy.


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We know that the Lord Jesus died to save us from eternal death, which was the recompense which we deserved. But He offered us mercy and grace instead.

We deserved condemnation to hell and separation from Him. 

But Jesus is the Truth, The Way and The Life and He is Grace, the life of abundance and of eternal life. For example, if God had given us only mercy through the death His son on Calvary- we would be forgiven of sin and we would not be able to submit wholly to God’s law, nor to be sanctified for God’s sole use and we would not be able to comprehend the will of God which is essentially His word. But because God gave us Grace through Jesus our Lord and Savior, we are able to live to live a life of righteousness, empowered by God’s power to apply and understand the scriptures and also to walk out our eternal calling in Christ.

When we know the grace of God, we know that we have strength- divine strength to do things in this terrestrial world. We also become aware of the consistent right standing that Christ offers us, He did not die to send us to hell every other day. By God’s mercy we are not consumed, but by God’s grace we are saved.

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It seems a little difficult for people to understand the concept of true grace, but it really is a matter of conviction. I learned that we are saved, we are being saved and we will be saved- therefore God would not seal us with His holy spirit and then unseal us.

In the same manner that when one knows the goodness of God, we would be able to turn back and come back. No, Christ died only once and He will never died ever again.

Let’s pray:

Lord God of truth, grace and mercy I plead for your goodness and wisdom to shower us Lord. May each person that comes across this devotional, understand the truth about your grace, your salvation and the finished work at the cross. May no lie from Satan confuse us, or make us cast away our confidence in you. May nothing and no one, cause our hearts to be confused. May you give each person understanding and a living testimony, that they may know grace personally and share with others, and walk in your gift. In the name of the incomparable Jesus, The Christ, Amen.

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