Devotional 11/14/2016

This is what the Lord says: “Stop at the crossroads and look around. Ask for the old, godly way, and walk in it. Travel its path, and you will find rest for your souls. But you reply, ‘No, that’s not the road we want!’ Jeremiah 6:16

God talks to the Israelites through the prophet Jeremiah and he commands or advises the people to go back to the old ways- the godly ways. Which days is he referring to?

Good and upright is the LORD: therefore will he teach sinners in the way. Psalm 25:8-9

Is He referring to the days before there was an earth when we were in heaven? Is He talking about the innocent days of Adam and Eve?

When was the world Godly? When were we ever godly?

Does He mean of a time when people humbled themselves in repentance? In drawing nearer to God? 

I know it sounds like questions and like I’m writing a no-sense devotional, but this is a totally devoted short writing and study for us. The Israelite people like many of us, turn a deaf ear to God’s call unto righteousness. To live right is not something natural to us, it is not something we naturally desire to do: much less a lifestyle we aspire to. We would rather live a life free of accountability, undisciplined and altogether avoid submission (to authority, elders, employers, etc).  By nature we started out spiritually deaf to God.  Most of us in Christ now, developed a hardened heart ❤️ through life experiences. This is why God says in Ezekiel, that he would give us a new heart; God had to do spiritual surgery on us, so that we may actually understand and perceive God.

The word of God, without the touch of God is a reproach to most; and this is why we become defiant to God’s ways.

The Lord tells the people to stop in   Their tracks and to ask about the good times. The good old times when their land was prosperous, He advises them saying “you will find rest for their souls, if you follow my instructions”. But the people say no, maybe they liked their lifestyle more than what God offered them, maybe they didn’t like to be bossed around, maybe they didn’t trust God. But I believe that the law without grace, led the Israelites to harden their hearts. This caused them to reject God

If we will not obey the voice of God, we are condemned. God is not particular on why we disobey, or why we doubt- He simply expects us to decide.  Why? Well because He is the creator of all things seen and unseen, and we are not. 

Image result for isaiah 55:6-7

God calls us personally, and very individually when he asks us to change our ways. He says its a collaboration between Him and us, we must become spirit led, and not  settle or be prone to being carnally led. To God this is crucial because He says that whoever listens to His voice, is of God and those who do not are simply not of God!

He asks us to put on the new man, who follows after righteousness. And God expects us to put off the old man- its wicked ways and attitudes. But because our hearts have become hardened by sin and pride, we tend to remain unregenerate and often times delay our timing or make things harder for ourselves. 

We do not change, we can not change even if God is in us and working with us, because we have to be in agreement with Him. We have the decision to make: will we go back to the good old days, Gods ways? Will we say yes or will we say no!?

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Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, forgive us for ignoring you sometimes and being a stiff-necked people towards your word and your presence. I simply pray for a heart after yours for us who you have separated to be your people. Many times we remain unchanged and ignorant of your love, because of our failure to listen to you and your word. Increase our capacity to learn from you, increase our reverence for you and align our dispositions towards you, in Jesus name I pray. 


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