Devotional 11/20/2016

Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success. Proverbs 15:22

In order to fulfill our dreams, we have to be prepared. We have to prepare ourselves mentally, become well instructed in the word of God and develop the necessary skills to aid the calling. We must also prepare accurately for success- for real life possibilities; not live simply in a place of hope or a place of desire. We also have to develop partnerships, but none of these is as important as laying the foundation of a stable relationship with God. God believes in us, and He coaches us unto greatness. 

Sometimes you and God are the only ones who believe in your dream.

I understand that this is because God wants to push us to our best potential, and He allows for loneliness so that we do not to depend on other people’s help, support or advice. Simply stated He wants the glory, He does not want anybody else to receive credit for His work! But I have also realized that the opinions of experienced advisers is necessary.

In order to determine God’s course for life, as a wise person we must desire counsel, and we need take our time praying for a team to assist in pursuing God’s purpose for our life: like the 12 disciples who Jesus chose for ministry. 

God will supply the people in His timing, and maybe He has, but we have to figure out who these people are, and confirm with God if they are in our lives already. I have realized that I have to start speaking out, and God has led me to speak to my pastor for starters. 

Pastoral covering is a blessing. As leaders they can assist us with spiritual covering, through prayer We cannot be a one person show, because even if we think so, we would still need employers of all sorts! We have to remember God is first!

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In addition to basics, we need to deal with fear! Rational, irrational, real or imaginary fear. And the irrational and imaginary fears are dealt with with the word of God, shutting down every high things that tries to confuse, destroy or kill the purpose. Along the way we learn how to even avoid fear, the bible says resist the devil, Which can be translated to avoid and ignore: Stand firmly believing in self and in the God given business idea. 

In order to come against real fears like lack, I have learned to pray for what I see as lacking: money, confidence, partnerships, energy, etc. 


Even if we encounter lack of interest from others, we cannot seek approval, support and friendship from other human beings before building a foundation with God! Either these people are not linked to your purpose, or they have no idea what their own purpose is. We have to seek God for these connections, and for the ability to embrace those new people who come into our lives whether they are the team or not. Also mercy and grace are necessary, to deal with loved ones and their obliviousness. I remember it took me a year before I knew my purpose, and another year to accept my purpose, so I need to be more understanding.

Maybe you are like me and are pretty reserved about your dreams and private life, because these are your sacred things. This is not healthy, especially not for someone who is working on the dream itself. Such disconnection is not good for business. So if you are guilty of doing this – work on yourselves be more open to sharing your dreams and aspirations. People’s comments, may hurt but your work ethic can surpass their opinions. When I was a child my dreams were killed, when I shared with my family. They said that I needed to be realistic, they were totally entitled to their opinion but I was wrong for believing and listening to them. steve jobs.jpg

Let’s Pray: 

Lord, I see your power in me and your creativity wants to bloom but lord protect me from negativity. Show us as your pregnant with God’s dream people, who to share with, teach us how to interact with people without being resentful or demanding. I also pray for increased wisdom and strategy, cunning boldness and enthusiasm while making decisions. Help us to manage the process, and remember to be humble with our small beginnings. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. 



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