Devotional 12/8/2016 

Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called and about which you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses. 1 Timothy 6:12

The soul receives information from both the world and the spirit. Our flesh feeds from the world through its senses, and God’s spirit and other spirits communicate to our spirit. 

As a Christian I can tell you that most of our struggles come from fleshly desires. Our battles with the soul, the ego, our past, our emotions and very little is a result outer circumstances.

Outer circumstances only trigger issues that are already in our minds and hearts.
In order to triumph in Christ, we must remain solid, firm, steadfast in our faith. That which we believe must be so deeply grounded that the greatest storm of your life will know rip your roots from solid ground.

Jesus says that a wise man, is he who builds his house on top of a rock. Jesus is that solid rock. He is the rock of ages. In order for the enemy to steal, kill and destroy he has to know where we our blind spots are.


The enemy came to steal, kill and destroy our faith, hope and love.

Many people are unable to correlate and correctly correspond their decisions and pivotal points of despair or destruction. This is because they never stopped to analyze their soul. Their inner man, is way deeper than clothes, emotions- relationships.

Our soul is who we are, if our soul is broken or contaminate so will our life be out of sync! 

Because of my love for studying people and their reasons, I have been able to help my self. I have learned to help my self! Many people around me fall and although it can be sad and disappointing, I have learned to see past judgement. It is not about who they are, it is about deep beliefs in their hearts and minds. Its strongholds and brokenness that make us who we are, and who guide our choices. This is why God says we need to renew our minds through God’s word. 

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From studying the soul, my soul and other people’s, I have been able to keep from falling into depths of sin, from betraying my self and from giving up on my self. I can be lonely, but I know I will not die there. I can cry and complain, but I refuse to faint and give up. I may have miserable days, but Inside of me I know that I will be okay. I believe this is a grace God has imparted to me. I am able to see people’s hearts, and including my own.

So since I mentioned Love Hope and Faith, I want to touch on faith today. Tomorrow I will address how the enemy attacks our God given love and hope. 

The enemy knows that we are damned to hell if we do not place our faith in Jesus Christ. Simply stated we lose our faith, we lose our salvation. Because God knows this is possible, even for the elect to be deceived- He provided the scriptures and His Holy Spirit for our advantage!

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The enemy will whisper things to attack our thought life so that we can not pray, and so that we can develop wrong perceptions of God and the people of God!

We have the word of God, the sword of the spirit to cut off the gigantic lies coming at us. We have the word of God which pulls down strongholds and any imagination that raises it self against what we know and believe about Christ. 

Let’s pray:

Father God, these types of attacks are not going to be overcome in the natural only. I know that if my people would go to a psychiatrist, begin to self medicate drugs or adopt different lifestyle changes they would still continue to battle. The primary reason I know this, is because even though we feel it in the natural- these are spiritual attacks sent straight to our inner man. Teach us all Lord, to have and build our foundation on you as Lord, and as God of all the earth. Help us to be grounded and rooted in your word, to overcome the wiles of the devil. Enable us to use the sword of the spirit, and give our hearts a readiness to believe you, In Jesus name, I pray.

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