Devotional 12/13/2016

Every seed that my father has not planted, He will uproot. Matthew 15:13

Childhood seeds need to be uprooted, in the name of JESUS. For years I’ve been dealing with my personal issues, and I’ve had to go way back to the roots.

I know all issues have a root, because they were once a seed and have now grown into trees, and forests. And they have to be chopped off by the root.

A lot of us, whether we admit it or not, carry with us: these words, attitudes and scars from sometime in childhood.

People only see the trouble, they don’t see the struggle it’s hard to carry on when noone loves you.- Tupac

Image result for abuse to kidsAs a child I suffered a lot, and every single person that I know grew up in a similar way, with a very similar pain. As children we pretty much grow up and our parents are like the epitome of good and perfect, until we realize they aren’t. Many children wonder, ‘well if they are supposed to love me why don’t they act like it‘?

 And if my parents don’t love me, well, why should anybody else?

Image result for family issues affect kids

Maybe like me you were shaped by unloving family, missing parents, family issues, or simply lots of ignorance and you didn’t understand any of it, which really hurt. It hurts when they talk to you with bad words, with aggression, call you names, insult you, compare u to others, or even dismiss your ideas. And the saddest part is that they aren’t even aware of the disaster they are harvesting on your insides. And it is amazing, and unfortunate, because children take all this in as trauma. If it hurts it’s devastating, if we feel joy it’s exhilarating; in children’s minds things are a bit altered, but are they? 

The lack of a parent, their voice, their counsel and their kindness is very tough for children. 

Image result for abuse to kids healing

Today, I’d like to encourage us all: parents, daughters and sons to pray for each other. We can act like we are unaffected by our childhood, but deep inside there are some things u just can’t help to carry with you- in your soul, in your subconscious.

Let’s pray:

My God and Savior, I pray for our families and our friends families. May we be sensitive, considerate and understanding to the children’s needs and aware of the reactions to us. I pray for homes to be united, in peace, in joy and love. May we recognize and embrace, and work towards your perfect design for families and our homes. May we acknowledge each other Jesus, and be interrelated! Not standoffish, miserable, hostile, or competing with one another, may we be united, supportive, edifying and wholesome families. May you heal every pain and trauma that may have been passed down from our parents lineage to us, and break the generational curses that may be passed down to our children from now Lord! In Jesus name, Amen. 

Image result for abuse to kids healing




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