Devotional 12/19/2016

If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Colossians 3:1
A lot of our decisions are a result of how we see ourselves, our self esteem and self image. 
As a Christian I believe we tend to identity with the world more because if our natural nature, and because of our environment. We diss God when we identify with all of the things which are of the world: the temporary, the irreverent practices, the immorality, and the passions/ addictions.
As we walk in Christ, we learn to live with God. We live a private life life and a public life. God is not bothered in that we enjoy the world, he is bothered when we live in the worlds ways and love life more than to die to serve Him.
I meditated on values and how God desires for us to be. 
  • Authenticity: God desires for us to be originally, and uniquely ourselves.
  • Achievement: God wants us to run the race. In the book of Cirinthians He says that we should discipline ourselves to win, otherwise after preaching to others we might lose.
  • Adventure: God asks us to give Him the wheel. No mind had conceived the things Hof had ready and has planned for us to do and walk in.
  • Authority: as Christ embassadors, representatives, we have been given authority over the pier of darkness. And we have been given authority to be children of God.
  • Balance: God knows that we are in this world, therefore we have maintain a balance of being overly spiritual. What good is it if I am extremely spiritual, but I cannot fry some eggs to feed my physical body? 
  • Beauty: God associates our beauty with royalty, He would prefer if we acted like we believed Him.
  • Boldness: God asks us to preach the gospel to the world, with assuring (conviction) and boldness.
  • Compassion: We are called to have mercy on others, as Jesus does.
  • Challenge: God challenges us to give him our will, in order for him to give us something greater- which is His perfect will.
  • Citizenship: our citizenship is in heaven, and we are to meditate on the things above and not beneath.
  • Community: our community needs our help: just as Jesus, gave his community the healing and the freedom they needed- we should algo do the same.
  • Competency: in the same way we study for school and for work, we should show ourselves approved (biblical knowledge) as good soldiers and good workers unto God.
  • Contribution: we need to be socially involved; generous with energy, our time and ideas.
  • Creativity: God is THE creator, if we use our imagination, we will have access to our greatest potential.
  • Determination: walking with Christ requires decision and persistence.
  • Faith: without faith it is impossible to please God!
  • Fame: what is the point of gaining the worlds recognition, if God is not glorified?
  • Friendships: God says we should use our money to make friends, because the world understands materialism- and in turn they will receive salvation through that friendship.
  • Influence: God gives us influence by way of testimony. We are living testimonies at work, in school, in our homes.
  • Love: love God with all your heart, soul and mind. And love others as you love yourself.
  • Meaningful Work: Significance for Christians us to carry out the missions of breaking the bonds of darkness over people: we are called to a work that goes in to eternity.
  • Pleasure: our pleasure is God’s pleasure, obedience and waiting in God’s time. God created sex for pleasure as well, we can’t deny this in no way (marriage).
  • Religion: true religion is attending the sick, the prisoners, the orphan and the widows.
  • Reputation: do not bring shame to God by your way of living.
  • Respect: respect your parents, and authority.
  • Responsibility: we are responsible for bearing with each other’s burdens, we are called to make people in leaderships life easier- not a grievance.

Let’s pray:

Thank you lord for these values, which are so necessary in our daily life as people separated for you. I thank you for the word of God, and ask you to bless those reading this to become strengthened in the inner man to become better servants as they grow and meditate on your word. In Jesus name, Amen. 


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