Devotional 12/23/2016

But examine yourself, to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you—unless, of course, you fail the test? 2 Corinthians 13:5

It is very easy to believe and claim to have faith, but it is a whole other think to act like you have faith. It’s one thing to carry on with commitments of faith, and another to overcome by faith. It is an entirely different thing when we are called to walk by faith and not by sight, and have your faith tested by fire and keep believing God when you come out on the other side. 

It is also very interesting to think about type of faith we have: is it wavering faith, is it radical faith, is it persevering faith, is it emotional faith, is it miracle working power faith. And what are we believing in? Where is our faith placed in? Some people have faith in horoscopes, tarot cards, rocks: astrology and the stars, divinity, sorcery and the universe. But none of these hold the weight of Jesus Christ, who rose from the dead with His own power.

There was other name given to man, than the Lord Jesus as mediator.

This is why ignorance is not bliss, because we can lose out on the truth. The bible says the path is narrow, and very few are they who find it– but the way of destruction is wide and many enter it easily. 

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Faith is like a mustard seed the bible says, that anything is possible to He who believes.

The bible also says that ALL things are possible with God.

If we acted like we believed God, our lives and our daily living would be different. We would seek God much more for starters. To have faith in God, makes us pray. Faith in God makes us spend time with Jesus. Faith in God provokes us to sacrifice our flesh to be more in tune His spirit. We would desire to be around other believers. And this is to have in GOD.

And we would profess the scriptures as valid promises and as cutting swords to the devil, instead of just memorizing them as a christian task. If we really believed that God loved us, we would not fall at every and any opportunity to sin. And much more we wouldn’t limit God from liberating us from sickness or any type of demonic oppression. And this is we had faith in the word of GOD. 

If we believed in bringing glory to God, we would edify on social media and on the altars, instead of condemning, judging and “exposing”. We would not be ashamed to prophesy and declare scriptures over others. Maybe if we were transparent and not try to be these great ministers of God, maybe we would be able to testify about what God has done in us! Maybe we can get past “when God first saved me“, “”Before Christ“, and etc; what is God doing now? What are you doing? What are your struggles, what are you learning?

If we truly believe in Love the way we speak, about it, we would desire to share our truths and struggles, our battles and shortcomings with other Christians who are dealing with real life too. Maybe we can give money, clothes and food to those of the faith; instead of simply talking and rebuking from an altar.

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, I know that you have saved us and will continue to save us, from eternal damnation, from the world’s contamination and you will deliver us from ourselves. Help us to testify and be open with one another in order to grow in Christ and not be stuck in a religious routine of duties. I pray that we are not so concerned with one part of scripture while neglecting the rest of the scriptures. I pray that we will mature in the things of God and not let anybody’s religiosity affect us in a negative way.  I pray that we would share in each other’s suffering and rejoice in each others victories, I pray we can be our brother and sister’s keepers in Jesus name, Amen.  

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