Devotional 12/27/2016 

Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger. James 1:19

Offense is a deadly weapon that kills relationships and builds up bitterness.

I have found myself angry about things which are not in my control, so as I evaluated my self I came across the fact that I dislike being dismissed or ignored. I tend to take someone not acknowledging me and saying hello, personal and therefore I become offended. Maybe the people did not see me, and maybe they didn’t intend to ignore me but in my psyche something has been operating for years and I never stopped to meditate on it.

Today I decided to deal with the spirit of offense and many other negative traits. Although I am very familiar with other spirits, this one is one which hides in the confines of pain and emotions. There are many spirits out there: lust, sex, death, murder and many others. They all do work together because they are all of darkness, but they have different characteristics. And they all gain access into our lives by one spirit, that is the spirit of rejection.

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In order to know if you are dealing with a spirit of offense:

  • ask yourself if you are easily offended, really sensitive, flighty or defensive
  • Analyze what type of things trigger offense in you (For me in particular it is to be overlooked, ignored or dismissed in person and people that I know)
  • Meditate on where this originated (young age, recently, after traumatic experience, etc)

Offense is a choice.

People can do us harm, and we can decide if we hold on to it or not. We choose to forgive, even for those things which they do not even know they did.

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Some of the things I notice about myself and people who have these offense issues are definitely rejection in the past from loved ones.  Offense makes people avoid others, and situations. In order to protect themselves people who know that they get easily offended would rather be alone, to avoid being provoked to anger or sadness. I have learned this by evaluating my self.

Let’s pray:

Father God, I pray for all people around the globe who battle with these things in their heart. Many of them, do not know why they are the way they are and many do, but do not see how to resolve the situation. It is very easy to go to a psychiatrist, and maybe they can prescribe meds and give diagnosis but God is the ultimate doctor, and I know you can heal me, you can heal us; I thank you for bringing these things to light and I pray for your love to break the chains of offense and of rejection in our lives. Help us to use our free will and self control to develop positive characteristics from now on. In Jesus name, Amen. 

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