Devotional 1/10/2017

When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, LORD God Almighty. Jeremiah 15:13

I have found myself in deep holes and deep waters, and when I find myself so low and lost I tend to wonder HOW DID I GET HERE!!!

It is usually distraction of some sort. Distraction is a lost of focus, and for many of us it differs between: –

  1. Busyness with responsibilities like work, relationships, or ministry
  2. Sidetracked by worries or stress (expectancy of the future)
  3. Sidetracked with regret (of the past) or unforgiveness
  4. Overworked with balancing expectations and disappointments
  5. Fretting over right now’s tasks, goals and plans

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The bible tells of a parable about 4 types of hearts, and their journey with the word of God.

God has always ministered to me with this scripture, and it helps me to re-align myself whenever I’m drifting from God.

Matthew 13

God plants the seeds: He gives His word- His promises, His will and His decrees.

Scattered heart: unfocused person, lacks vision and understanding. Their heart is fluttery, filled with everything but a desire for God. The enemy eats the word.

Stony heart: shallow person, focused on superficial temporal things. Not grounded, not rooted in God. Easily influenced and affected by problems or issues (like the weather affects plants).

Thorny heart: Resentful person, lacking self control, determination and self motivation. A person who has a lot going on in their minds and hearts (soul realm).

Fertile heart:  Person of disposition and humility, demonstrating understanding; willing to learn, grow and give.

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The word of God is LIFE

God speaks in the language we understand. God can speak from the altar at church, on the train through other people’s newspapers, and even through other people’s conversations. One morning, during the preparation of graduation, I was so anxious and frustrated, and I was crying and praying. But I had no idea why I was feeling so low, I was graduating I should have been celebrating!

When I finally mustered up the will to leave my house, I got on the train and I stood by the train doors facing the window. For some reason I decided to look up at the ads, and read this ad saying “Answer Your Calling.”. To say the least, I felt an amazing inner peace, that filled me with tears of joy and my strength was renewed instantly. God knows I recognize His voice, anywhere and anyway He sends it. It’s all about your discernment and disposition. God is Good.

Today I want to encourage you, take hold of your call in God. Take hold of your salvation and fellowship with God. Take hold of your life and future in God. Say no to the enemy’s assignments to end you by God’s word, which is life.

Let’s Pray:

My God, and my rock today I present to you our hearts. Those with unfocused and unbridled hearts, those who have their focus on worldly things and desires, those who are battling from the past and those anxious with the future: make our hearts one minded Lord. Show us, teach us and guide us in your ways and your path, which leads to everlasting life. May we treasure your word, and the times you have spoken to us whether it was encouraging, correcting, exhorting or warnings Lord. In Jesus name, Amen. 

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