Devotional 1/11/2017

Trials produce…  patience, experience; and experience, hope. Romans 5:4

The Old Jewish version offers me a greater understanding of trials and our attitudes toward them. The scripture reads: Zitzfleisch produces tested character and midos , and tested character and midos produce tikvah.

 Zitzfleisch: The ability to endure or persist in an endeavor through sedentary determination

  • Sedentary: sitting, stationary

Midos: Character traits

Tikvah: Hope

So this scripture actually reads something like this:

Trials produce the ability to endure or persist through immovable, firm and steadfast determination, which come from tested character. And this product of tested character produces character traits, which puts into effect and completes hope in/for our lives.  

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God has to show us what is in our hearts, so He has to test us so that we can know ourselves all the more.

Even though we do not like to be tested, and we dislike to suffer: this is God’s way of purifying us. If you wanted to test gold, and precious metals, it is necessary to pass them through the fire. If they are authentic, they will not meant nor lose their color. They can actually be molded into different shapes, like jewelry and monuments. How else can God change us, if we refuse to go through the fire!?

Image result for james trials and tribulations

It’s a little  saddening, because when we come to Christ we do not realize the suffering we will endure. We think as babes, and do not consider that we are still in this human body. We tend to dismiss that our minds have to be changed, and our protected. We do not understand that there are inner hurdles from our soul realm that we need to overcome, and some people actually leave God when confronted with this kingdom truth.

In the wave of religion now, our testimony to others is founded on the fact that we still persevere in Christ even if we are not receiving or living a perfect pain free life. i once read a quote that says, your faith in God should make unbelievers question their disbelief. I have read another quote which says that some people will never read the bible, they are reading us.

It is very challenging to encounter tests and fail because we had a temptations we did not was inside of us. The book of James clearly states do not say when you are tempted that it was God. Because temptations come from our own fleshly desires, which come against the spirit. Another scripture in Corinthians says that we are tempted but God offers the escape, the thing with this is that not many people receive the escape.

One day I went to visit a guy friend, and we got hot and heavy and we were at the verge of having sexual intercourse. And in my head I told God, ‘well the bible says there is always an escape, I don’t see one and I want this so I’m sorry’. And less than a minute later, my friend’s brother comes through the “locked” door! He quickly noticed what was going on and apologized; I had to get off that bed, put my clothes on and deal with an angry man. I say this to say that I took the escape God provided. I like to testify because I feel that many people feel alone in their struggles. 

Now when I encounter issues like these, I simply pray and use self control. A toddler is told “don’t touch the fire, you will get burned”, this same 10 year old should know that if he touches the fire he will be burned. God deals with us according to our capacity and caliber. If you claim that God did not provide an escape, you claim God is a liar and this is not even possible. Because God is not man to lie, and God’s word is INFALLIBLE.

Let’s pray:

Father God, I thank you for holding us down all through out this time. I praise you because you will not let the righteous fall, and even if we fall because of our own neglect your word says we stand up again. I thank you for your grace and mercy which renews us daily, and for your patient which teaches us patience with others. I pray for myself, and those undergoing tests and temptations may we have the victory through these times. May we not lose hope, or momentum as we go after your call. In Jesus name, Amen. 






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