Devotional 1/12/2017

 If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities. Luke 16:10

Can God trust you?

I have observed that God tests us in ways that can seem cruel, depending on your mindset and if you really know who God is. This is because God allows things to come against us, to perfect us, not to destroy us. But often times the situations that come about, can easily pave the way for bitterness in our hearts: towards life or towards God. The bible actually states “Do not harden your heart” in various places, because this is a high probability for the natural man, and the carnal man. 

We must remember: God is not like us, bless His throne! We would be dead and gone if He was.  God is not like us, we will never speak to someone who does us wrong, or treats us unfairly, but God will continue to love us and come after us even if we cheat on Him, divorce Him, intentionally or ignorantly attempt to deceive Him, when we sell out and tell the secrets that were just between Him and Us.

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Whenever I find my self in bad situations, I can tell that I really am a Christian.

I actually remember the bible, and the people who suffered so that I can be encouraged. I actually take time away from the multitudes, to hide out with God. I recognize when I am being unlike Jesus, with my nasty attitude and selfish desires, and I war against my flesh to change. These are some of the things I recognize about myself, because I always ask myself if God promised me these great awesome things- would I be able to handle them?

Am I ready to receive what I have been praying for? 

Let’s say you are praying for a better paying job, you should consider:

  • Am I dependable? Do I call out or come late a lot?
  • Do I have a positive attitude? Do I slack off and complain during working hours?
  • Do I spend money on necessities (tithes, rent, food, travel, etc) , or do I have more month than money?

Maybe you want a a promotion in church, or at work:

  • Are you willing to live a life for all to see?
  • Are you willing to trade in your only days off for God’s call/purpose?
  • Can you give more of you, without pay and not grow bitter?

Many want a husband or wife, but after sex:

  • Do you know how to listen and communicate without pettiness or offense?
  • Can you encourage others, or are you the center of your world?
  • Are you ready to be one with someone else? Can you compromise?

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You see God allows things to happen in our lives, and sometimes we wonder what the purpose is.

God may allow sickness, so that those around us can see how our faith is placed in God, in the midst of the trial. He may allow for your family to become broken, so that He can become the center of your heart, in order to bring restoration. He can allow a Job season in our lives, so that we may know the faithfulness of God, when we get double for our trouble. He allowed Peter to wallow in disappointment and maybe condemnation, when he found out what was in His own heart when he denied Jesus 3 times. This was so that Peter could know GRACE, the love of God, and be an effective apostle for the kingdom of GOD!

Imagine Job would have cursed God, like his wife advised him! He would have been remembered as a failure, and Satan would have made a joke of God’s trust in him! If Peter would have killed himself, like Judas who sold him out did, God’s grace would not be demonstrated to the world as it has. Imagine if Jesus, God in the flesh, would have been like “oh never mind these sinners, why go through all this suffering, they will never love me back- I should have stayed in heaven where I belong!”. We would have no hope!

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It was so bad for the natural part of Jesus, that He even pleaded with God the father and said “God if you would cancel this part right here, and I wouldn’t have to go through with this“; He bled instead of dripping sweat: talk about stress! Jesus the word of God, the word made flesh, said “Ok, God I know your purpose is greater than my pain. I decided to give my life for them, and I wont turn back now! May your will be done God. Yes.” Of course I paraphrased, but the heart of the message is here. Where would we be without the Lord Jesus, and His spirit? We would be like the Jews and the Muslim, hopeless for this life waiting for a Messiah to save us from ourselves, the world and eternal damnation.

Let’s Pray:

Lord even though we do not understand your ways and your path for our lives may look dark, and unending, may you take away the giving up spirit from all of the believers around the world. Make our hearts steadfast, give us stronger convictions, and may our walk be a walk of consistency and perseverance: where giving up is not even an option. May we live to please you, and not our own selfish desires. May you be the one of our affection: in Jesus name, Amen. 

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