Devotional 1/14/2017

Keep watching and praying that you may not enter into temptation; the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Matthew 26:41

Natural man, carnal man and spiritual man, which one are you? 

God knows which man we truly are. A fundamental rock which I stand on is that we are a tripart being, we are spirit, soul and body. Once We accept Christ we become one with Holy Spirit, and begin the transformation process of becoming like God. This is not an overnight process, eventhough it may feel like it is. Some people are instantly transformed in places where it takes another person years to change and even discover. 

When we do not have the spirit of God, we have the spirit of man. 

Which is the spirit of rebellion and sin. And this spirit is open to receive influence from all and any ungodly spirits. The Bible actually calls human wisdom, demonic and fleshly therefore it gives us a hint that the spirit of man is fleshly and can be under demonic influence. When witches and warlocks light candles and send demonic attacks against us, what blocks these attacks is our belief and steadfastness in God. That’s why we need an active prayer life, and not fall asleep in the spirit. 
See it’s easy to open doors for the enemy to take place in our lives. Believing lies, declaring with our mouths, anger, and sin (obviously) do this too. For example, if I constantly declare “I’m crazy, I’m depressed, I’m never going to do this or that’, the Bible teaches us that we are condemning/ cursing ourselves. We curse our own lives! 

The Bible also says that unforgiveness and anger give the enemy a foothold over our lives. (Ephesians 4) and disagreements between friends and partners, are blessing blockers and God says we shouldn’t even bring an offering because He will not receive it. And sin ofcourse, opens doors for the enemy- unrepented, unchanged sin. Believing a lie is a big issue which many Christians miss. 

When we believe anything that is contrary to the word of God, we open the door to the enemy and we hold it open for him. 

A biblical example is Elijah. He believed the lie that Jezebel would kill him. He believed he was the only one that still served God. This is a perfect example because he was wrong. He believed Jezebel. He didn’t believe the God that performed miracles and freed the Israelites from the bondage of Egypt. It seems that he forgot. And he went into a cave to hide. God had to go get him out of the cave! Because there was more work for him to do. God told him you have a long road ahead of you! Get out of the cave, strengthen yourself and eat! Just like God did with Elijah, God is doing with us on a daily basis. You aren’t the only person suffering for Christ, you aren’t the only person battling sin: desires and temptations, you think you will be overpowered by the enemy- but God says I’m doing a new thing. Let me show you a different characteristic of God. 

Image result for but God

The Bible also says in Isaiah : Who’s report will you believe?!

If God said you are beautiful, why would you believe that you are ugly? If God said: it is not good for man to be alone and God made Adam a helper, why then do we become desperate for a honey? If God said He is our healer, why are we so dependent on medicine and doctors? 

These are just some things to meditate on, because we are all guilty of getting amnesia every so often. I really love the word of God, I cannot stress this enough. The people that truly know me know I love words. And God gave us His ultimate love letter, words of authority and transformation power. Let’s hold the Bible dear to our hearts, and not just as some book. 

Let’s pray: 

Lord Jesus, I know my heart and my flesh may fail you yet you continue to be the rock of ages. I present our hearts to you and our carnality because I know we will be battling to subject to your spirit, and your will. I pray for an earnest desire in all Christians to love you and your word more. To believe you more, at the core of the soul and spirit. And to see your purpose even while in the process of slipping, tripping and falling: may we all be able to use what the enemy meant for harm as weapons for the next attack. I pray for those who the enemy is trying to condemn, and trying to convince to leave God because they are never going to change: Lord, may you rescue them out of those caves: give them dreams and visions. In Jesus name, Amen. 


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