Devotional 2/28

But Jesus, being aware of it, said to them, “Why do you reason because you have no bread? Do you not yet perceive nor understand? Is your heart still hardened? Mark 11:17

Do you see the possibilities or do you see what’s missing, or what’s wrong?

Our lives have purpose, and a free moral agent, having free will to make decisions; we play a big role in how we spend our time here on earth. God created us on purpose and with purpose, He has aligned opportunities, resources and good works into our destiny. these are called appointed times, and we simply have to be ready for them. This is what a prophetic word is.

We are not God, who knows all things – present, past and future. The devil does not know until God reveals it in prophecy. And this is why we have such a battle against us, because once the enemy knows God’s purpose in our lives he does all in His power to destroy us and that purpose. I have learned that if God told us every single thing we are ordained (ordered, assigned, destined) to do, we would be overwhelmed. We are easily overwhelmed by any wind that blows, imagine to know the glory we will carry – should make us tremble shouldn’t it.

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Who does God want to be for you, in this season?

I have learned that it is vital to not get stuck on a step. Just as we go up and down a set of stairs, God moves us along in life in steps. God works in steps, with pieces and in seasons. If this is your season of singleness, let God be your husband. If this is your season for dating, let God be your counselor. If this is your season for healing, let God be your deliverer. If this is your season to be established, let God be your restorer. Sometimes, humans tend to miss what God is doing and has been doing. Most of us have a completed picture of how life is supposed to look, while God is concerned with the small pieces. He’s taking His time in each season and He is leading us towards the next step whether we realize it or not.

For instance, God set up the place for me to do ministry, the big picture I have is conducting ministry from my own business. But first God has to assemble all the pieces. He told me 5 years ago He would use me with youth, in performing, and as an evangelist to the nations. As my story unfolds, I have to acknowledge that God is faithful. Although now I serve in church, the vision God showed me is a bigger picture in my own business. The masses of youth I will help, are not around me yet- but I am one of the servants which is offering them discipleship,and they are the ones who will be the pillars of the future. I am not in the Media sphere, but I am administering the ministry of my calling, which is song, theatre and dance. As the future unfolds, it will eventually reflect the complete picture of what God gave me. 

Remember to write all the scriptures and prophetic words God gives you. These are vital to your growth and maturity.

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, even though we may not understand you, I pray for rest in our souls, knowing and believing that you are working absolutely everything for good. Help us to maintain a positive perspective, and to fit the pieces into the vision board which you have given us. May we recognize you in each season, and may we accept the resources, including people, who you bring into our lives for whatever reason. Help us all in this area, may we increase everyday in wisdom and discernment. In Jesus name, Amen.

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