Devotional 3/15 

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.‭‭ 2 Timothy‬ ‭3:16-17‬

Life depends on how you respond to it. 

God expects us to rejoice. And to fill ourselves with Him. His word, is our strength. His word is our shield. His word is our salvation. His word defines us. His word comforts us, rebukes us and directs us. His word is truly life. 

Sometimes as Christians people tend to take the word of God as a textbook, or a once upon a time story tale. And end up taking the word out of context, and losing reverence for the the words God so deliberately set aside for us. 

God’s counsels is perfect, while human counsel is limited and biased.

When seeking advice, and instruction we should always seek God first. When we are distraught, or in suffering it is not bad to seek physical help and comfort, but this isn’t God’s way. Humans are often quick to look for someone’s opinion on a situation, or buy some self help book- while God’s word yearns to be our greatest counsel. Its good to have friends, mentors and even medical professionals by our sides, who can give us the help we seek. It is even great to go to parents, or other adults who desire the best for us! Sometimes they may even give us the advice they rejected and suffered for it. But God does not expect nor desire for us to seek them, and especially not first. 

God is a jealous God, and He will allow for your immediate source of help to fail you and disappoint you. Maybe God’s response to our immediate needs seem insufficient, because we are human and we want human answers. What are human answers? Human answers is my way of saying we want something clear, precise, something we can see and touch and we definitely want to know how to fix the situation. And God barely works this way. Even when we sing worship songs like “I surrender all”, we must be honest with ourselves- are we surrendered at all? 

God’s word is alive. Our words also have power, but God’s word is all powerful. 

I heard a preaching, I think Juanita Bynum, where she said “God didn’t need Lazarus’ faith to resurrect him from the dead, God called him by name.” That’s really powerful if you take a moment to think on it. God doesn’t need our faith to activate the word of God, but we need the word to active our response to His word! Isn’t that amazing. That One word from God can heal a moment in our past, that one word from God can uncover our hearts desires, that one word from God can push us Years ahead in the spirit. 

God’s living word is Jesus the Christ, who is God in the flesh. And God honors His Word, above His own name! I don’t even know which of these is a better scripture for me to give you today. But I want you to know that God’s word is our strength, we can believe in God but even the devils believe and tremble! 

Let’s pray: 

God! Jesus! Holy Spirit! Lord today like Zacheus I want you to notice us all! All your children and all those who will be entering your kingdom, my lord may you impart into our spirits and hearts a burning desire for your word. A strong conviction for self discipline, that no distractions may take our attention for so long as to go without reading your word, or bowing our heads to give you glory and praise in prayer. In Jesus name, Amen. 



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