Devotional 3/23

Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant: Matthew 20:26

You can never lead others, before learning to submit to authority your self.

The meaning of life is to carry out your purpose in life. We will all die, but not everybody lives (Drake voice). We were created on purpose, for a purpose. God created each person with a calling or sense of duty, a strong passion that becomes a MUST. It is up to you to be awake in your own life. Being awake means that you are after the truth, not what the system says. The system says: go to school, get a good job, get married, buy a house and have kids. We are rarely encouraged to go after our dreams, our passions are usually brought back into the dimness of reality. But we must be persistent and persevering in going after the reason why we were born and are still alive. 

When we come into a structured place where rules, and the like, exist we find that God shapes our character to be better human beings. It is not necessary for people to be in leadership to improve your character, you just need to live for a few years and you will notice the world need regenerated minds. Success comes with character, and success in the kingdom of God come is in becoming like Jesus. 

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I am not a product of my circumstances.
I am a product of my decisions.
Stephen Covey

Bad things happen to all of us, the matter is truly based on what we become from those situations. I’ve always loved a quote, which I identify with, it says “Be better, not bitter”. Although it may seem as if nothing good can come from our respective circumstances, the truth is that there is. When we go through unfortunate events, we are not the only ones going through something negative. We should always extend our love to others. And this is where purpose and servant hood come into play. maybe you had a loved one pass away, and you feel cheated in life, broken in despair, or abandoned- you can use this pain to offer support to others in a similar situation.

What is purpose?

Purpose is not a career, it is something you have to offer the broken world we live in.

  • To bring healing to others by sharing happiness and love
  • To enjoy nature by respecting and cultivating the good of earth and nature’s laws
  • To teach others to be strong against vices and temptations by staying away from evil and disciplining self
  • To bring ease to leading authority (God, parents, boss, teachers, justice) by submitting to them
  • To teach self care, self love and self respect by treating your body good: healthy eating, daily exercise and seeking out spiritual resources
  • To fight for those with no voice, socially, criminally or financially

We learn to go to school, but not why we are supposed to go to school. See if you are to bring healing to people you will be impassioned by comedy, the arts or the medical field. To teach others you may want to be a counselor, or a teacher. To bring ease to authority you may want to be administrative council, or in the law and order field and even in executive positions where your passion can be used. To fight for others, you may become a mediator, social activist or a lawyer. To teach self care, you can become a nutritionist, or a physical instructor, gym teacher, etc. The options are plenty, but most people do not know what their passion is.

Let’s pray:

Lord God, may we all grow into our greatest potential. May our passions be singled out, and give us all peace in the process. I thank you for those of us who know our passion and what drives us, and thank you for being our guide. I pray for those people in school, who are ambivalent and are simply doing so because everyone chose that route, may you lead them Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.


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