Devotional 3/27

For even Christ didn’t live to please himself. As the Scriptures say, “The insults of those who insult you, O God, have fallen on me.” Romans 15:3

You are not everybody else.

Ever been surrounded by people, and you are not even sure if you like them anymore. Have you ever felt the same people who have been with you for the longest, do not even know you anymore? Or what about giving love to others, and receiving nothing back but deceit and slander? People get tired, we all get tired. The bible says that if we do not faint, we will reap a harvest. It also says that Jesus didn’t live to please Himself, and we should be the same. Isaiah 58, for those of you who want to know what it is to truly fast, and what it is to truly serve God in His way, read Isaiah 58. And for the sake of my message, God gave me Isaiah 58:10-12, which I will expand on.

In Ellicott’s Commentary it says that “Draw out thy soul” means:
  • giving up sensuous desires for the sake of others;
  • ministering of thy substance;
  • extending thy sympathy.

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Keep doing the right thing, because God is your audience. And He has a reward. 

In the scripture, God says if you pour out your soul to others, I will take care of you myself. But who’s thinking about others who may or may not receive or embrace what you offer? Its not an easy thing to accept God’s calling for your life, mostly because you must answer for yourself and walk alone most of the time. But it is a beautiful thing when God calls you, because He also empowers you to fulfill it. He expands your knowledge and capacity, while you walk. But the challenge is the rejection and the apathy thrown at you from others who lack your vision. It may not make sense to them, it may even look pushy or foolish, that you do what you do no matter what. 

The Bible is so straightforward about God’s own character that we would miss it because we tend to look for the deep things, with secret revelation. But for the most part, God is not restricted to our understanding: He is restricted by our selfishness. We are focused on me, while God fights for His place in our lives. Quite often we will find ourself frustrated because we know who we are in Christ, and we see the big picture while God wants us to delight in the details of the journey. In order to truly serve God we must go back to Jesus, who became a servant for us! He looked at the people with compassion, Who hung on the cross and interceded for those crucifying Him. It was God who said Forgive them father, for they know not what they do. 

Jesus gave us His heart, and died to His own desires so that we may be saved. So that we may receive right standing with God. Will you deny yourself to be a servant to someone who’s needy, broken or lost? 

Let’s pray: 

Lord God, thank you for your sacrifice! Thank you for denying your fleshly desires, which you could have pursued yet instead you chose to pursue us. We don’t deserve it, and maybe those which you have assigned for us to serve, don’t either but God I pray for this. I pray for the desire, the willingness and the joy to lay our lives down for those around us who need your love and compassion. May we begin to see others needs, as you see them. In Jesus name, Amen. 

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