Devotional 3/29

When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, It is finished: and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost. John 19:30

Jesus was concerned with unpicking the net of evil in which the devil has always attempted to trap human beings.

Stephen Smalley



In the old testament, God was known as a strict and holy God. In fact in the new testament God is still a holy and strict God. But He made a way for us to enter His presence, through Jesus Christ sacrifice. If it had not been for Jesus, we would have to be sacrificing goats, birds and sheep to received temporary forgiveness for our trespasses and iniquities. Thank God for Jesus. The judgement for sin was death, there was not mediator to fight on our behalf. There was no one found holy in all the earth to make payment for our wrongs. BUT GOD! Decided within Himself, Jesus would go for us. Jesus said I lay down my life for my friends, and I take up my life again: nobody take my life, it is I who gives it. Many people are absent minded as to what Jesus did on the cross, why did He say it is finished?!

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Our flesh is the instrument that Satan works through. When we say no to the flesh, we say no to the devil.

Joyce Meyer

What did He finish! Why did Jesus even come to earth! Well the bible says that God came to ‘destroy the works of the devil’. That was Jesus purpose. His life built around servant-hood, and freeing those under the yoke of bondage. Bondage to sickness, to depression, to famine, to the laws and rules of Mosaic law, and many other things.Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil, so why the do we walk around defeated after failing God? And why does our faith fail us? Why do stay suck in sin, for days and even months? Why do people leave God, and the church? It is because sometimes we get distracted from the truth. We focus on our needs, and our lack, we focus on sin, and other people. We are simply out of tune with God. Jesus destroyed the power of sin- which was it’s definite judgement to hell and eternal separation from God, and power to enslave on earth. 

Works of the devil:

  • Spiritually: he blinds the minds of unbelievers from knowing God, and with believers He blurs our vision in the gospel
  • Physically: sickness, illness, and disease
  • Morally: he attracts us to sin through our flesh: “The wrong things the sinful self does are clear: committing sexual sin, being morally bad, doing all kinds of shameful things, worshiping false gods, taking part in witchcraft, controlling and manipulating others, hating people, slandering, gossiping, causing trouble, being jealous, angry or selfish, causing people to argue and divide into separate groups, being filled with envy, getting drunk, having wild parties, and doing other things like this.” (Galatians 5:19-22)
  • Intellectually: condemnation: guilt, fear that comes from fear of death and punishment

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Even if it’s dark, God is there, just as he was in the beginning of time. The world was in chaos, and in darkness- but God’s spirit hovered over the waters.

If we know what Jesus did on the cross, we can walk in victory. Knowing that if we sin, we can repent. If we fail in our faith, we can build on it in a few minutes. We don’t have to feel weak before him, or his schemes to make us sin. We don’t have to be fearful that God will send us to hell, we have to remind Him that our God is alive and He is able to get us out of any rut at any time! We do not have to be ashamed, we can choose to learn from the experience and share with others, and defeat the devil in how we respond after all. If we take our stand, we are able to feel the pain on our bodies but nonetheless, always be willing to receive healing and expect for God to embarrass Satan, but it’s up to us to believe, in what was accomplished on the cross.

Let’s pray:

Lord during lent, Easter and during this month of April may we perceive, receive and understand what you meant when you said “it is finished”. In Jesus name, Amen.  

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