Devotional 5/9

Looking at the man, Jesus felt genuine love for him. “There is still one thing you haven’t done,” he told him. “Go and sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” Mark 10:19-21

One mistake can cost you

I’ve been completely enamored with “The People Factor” a book by Van Moody. Something that hit home in a tremendous way, was the high cost of making a wrong choice. The chapter entails the concept of integrity, by which we judge our commitment to others and even base our decisions to continue in the friendship. And it was pretty sad to read about Bernie Madoff, who committed white collar crime by embezzling investors money. It was a pretty big deal around 2007 or so, from what I remember. I even wrote a research paper in college about white collar crimes, it was pretty cool. I did not know that his son committed suicide over his father’s mistake and that the entire family fell apart, after he was convicted of crime. The truth is he didn’t think it through, he only thought of the pleasure and enjoyment he brought to his family, and the abilities at hand with the amount money he handled. But he was foolish, in that he did not stop to think. He thought He could get away with murder, and he did not think about the consequences.

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Life can change in an instant.

We know that life can change in a New York minute, but I find that we resist change like mad-men! We know things can go wrong in an instant, but we forget that things can also go right in an instant. I read in the book (so true) that thoughts come to our minds:

  • You got away with it last time, you’ll get away with it today
  • Its really not that bad, people do worse
  • Aren’t you entitled to this?

It is a really scary thing, to be free one day and behind bars the next. It is frightening to consider you may be fine today, but tomorrow with an STD or an unwanted pregnancy. See I even thought of the football player who was recently acquitted, in a glimpse of a moment he decided to kill someone over something petty- he did not think about his football career, his daughter, fiance or his freedom. he was convicted to life without parole, not for one murder but two. And both incidents, as most of our incidents (99.9%) could have been avoided. God tells us today, what you see as a mistake is actually a choice. You always have a choice. See the rich man kept the law of the commandments, but Jesus said you are missing one thing. He advised him to give his money away to the poor, but since he was emotionally attached to his finances- he could not make the right choice- forfeiting eternal life. King David too, he could have stopped himself from watching Bathsheba, he could have not had sex with her, and even after he did he could have admitted to Uriah that he had slept with her, he could have avoided his whole life to be cursed… but his choice was to follow the desires of his heart. Scary thing isn’t it.

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, God Almighty, even though we are human and we are weak and have the tendency to be drawn away- you have given us a sound mind of self control and we have no excuse before you. What goes up but come down. If we disobey a legal law, we will get consequences. If we disobey nature’s laws, we will get sick and even die. And if we break your spiritual laws, we will also reap the consequences. Help us Lord Jesus, to make the correct decisions which please you, and lead us away from temptation, and show us the consequences before falling. I pray that even in the consequential state, you would have mercy on us God, in Jesus name, Amen.

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