Devotional 5/23

Do not be ignorant of the devils schemes. 2 Corinthians 2:11

Satanic devices: He disguises Himself as light. 

We tend be so ignorant of spiritual truths. We lack discernment, and are oblivious to the truth of the spiritual things that so strongly and directly affect every part of our lives. Not because we choose to not know or ignore knowledge, but I’ve found that some don’t care and other times because there is no teaching on spiritual truth.

If our desire for God is not stable, our knowledge of God is limited. Out time of meditation and scriptural study is non existent. People tend to settle for mediocre, and to the mentality that whatever happens, happens.

We have to understand that when God says be not like the world, we should not compartmentalize worldly things. Things like makeup, clothes, music, tv shows, movies, and careers, to name a few. We tend to claim that using or doing these is no harm nor is it wrong, and although we may be right we must also know to discern.

The truth is, that we can be so consumed with the trends, our desires and lies: that we compromise holiness. Remember holiness means separated from the world, for God. There’s a serious wave of vanity which has always been present. Today it is rampant because of social media, and because we go with the flow we ignore the devils schemes. Snapchat filter altering and distorting our God given image, for instance. Beautiful, yet self glorifying people singing about God, but which God are they singing to or about? I know it sounds pretty crazy for me to even speak on this, but I firmly believe there is a powerful agenda behind these products (not only these, but many overall).

Even make up brands, like urban decay and Kat Von D… are demonized products. Perfumes like “seduction”, “Angels & Demons”, and “Poison” smell great, but what exactly are we spraying on? These names do not glorify God, His nature and much less His will. Remember God’s character? God is light: He is good, holy and just; He brings joy, faith, wisdom, and love into our lives.

It’s the same with music and dance, or any work in ministry. When we do something for God we pray for his blessing and we pray that He may lead us into doing it in order to bring Him pleasure. We ask Him to use us; and the world does the same except to their god’s or whatever they believe in. Another thing to meditate on is prayer. When we pray over our food, it has God’s blessing and anointing on it, we pray for protection and we may even present the people in the world with no food or shelter. The world prays over their things as well. So their “gods” would bless it as well. I know it sounds exaggerated, but this is how deep the spiritual world is. One of my girls asked about transferring of spirits. And I reminded her that spirits transfer by what we open doors to, whether we know it or not. So do we open doors to demonic entities with ability to influence our lives through clothes, make up, music and tv shows? I believe so, especially to a Jesus proclaiming Christian believer.

Stand firm in your relationship with God. 

Negligence in prayer or lack of faith in the power of the blood of Jesus makes us easy targets for attack. The blood of Jesus is to protect us, as a repellent against the enemy. Lack of prayer makes us accessible to the enemy’s schemes. And if our mind is weak or if our heart is resentful or bitter, as well. It’s why we have to maintain our prayer life active at all times, and be practical in using the word and our spiritual armor. When we know how to use each weapon then we won’t be deceived, fooled and would remain standing firm. Through experience and research I have learn that we bind ourselves to things and people. This are the same but different; mutual consent is a covenant and other times it is slavery in the spiritual.
In the book of Acts 19:12, the Bible talks about handkerchiefs and aprons that only touched Paul the apostles were charged with power. So much power of God, that it expelled demonic spirits. If God can use clothing, the demonic realm can too. And they actually do. This is also done with praying over and eating food, and jewelry as good luck charms. There is power and there are spirits in the world. We have to agree with God, in regards to everything being allowed to me, but not everything is not beneficial.

Let’s pray:

Thank lord, for this amazing reminder and knowledge you brought to my heart on this day. I pray people reading would be blessed and begin to be more watchful over their spiritual life, may they know and understand that the spirit makes the life in the temporal as well. May we receive wisdom and power to work it. In Jesus name, Amen.

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