Devotional 5/28

But you, take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded. 2 Chronicles 15:7

If you’re doing something and nobody understands,
that’s means you are doing you.

I don’t consider anybody’s path more or less difficult than any other, because we all face challenges, disappointments and extreme pains, in the ups and downs of life. Don’t get burned out! I’m speaking to myself! I’ve learned that I have to maintain my energy, and in order to do so I have to do new things, and to do routine type things differently. When we change the way we do things, we create energy. I have observed that variety is fun, and a little change can affect your entire life. Hopefully you can try changes in your life, maybe you can jog to work or you can sing as you walk to your house.

A lot of us seem to forget that we live a life full of purpose. 
Even if you are in the cut, hidden, unnoticed, underpaid or whatnot …  you do have a calling on your life. God has a time for your life, everything will fall into place! The pieces will come together and it will make you realize why you went through what you are going through now. Sometimes we see that we have overcome something with no problem, yet see that the same trial is destroying someone else. What could be destructive to you, may be easy to me: and vice versa.

I want you to remember that God is your audience, you have to make sure that you don’t do what you do for others to notice you. Live your life to impress your self, not others. Its amazing to see someone tell me that what I feel like is the end of the world, is really a blessing and I’m going to see the purpose for suffering in due time. It is terrible to say to some one who’s loved one died: “oh you will be alright my loved one died a year ago”; these aren’t soothing words, these are actually inconsiderate words.

Life amazes me.
Humans strength amazes me.

Be true to yourself, and don’t let what anyone else says distract you from your dreams.
Michelle Obama

I want to remind those of you that may be running in circles, or giving in to negative thoughts that God has a purpose for you. And He knows how much of a burden and how many trials you can take. Your purpose may be to mother a family, to father children, to sow dresses, to design, to encourage, to write, to teach, to pastor a flock, to build parks and bridges or to make someone who wants to die today feel they have a reason to smile. Maybe you don’t know people like you: with your purpose or your interests… but remember that doesn’t mean you are less than; it simply means you are different.

Maybe someone ignorantly offends you: oh you are JUST a stay at home mom, or you are just an architect nobody knows your name, nobody knows you… SO WHAT!? I am making a difference in somebody’s life, while you are over here trying to offend me!

Get outta here! Change your mind to go from negative to positive. Whenever you get a ‘this is so sad’, change it to ‘this works for my good, God loves me”. No purpose is greater than any other, believe me when I tell you, that you are a unique design and you MATTER!!!

Life is tough, but God is tougher. And if u ever feel alone just remember we all have to go thru the fire, like gold is tested to be pure. We are simply being processed to be fire proof!

Let’s pray:

Thank you God, I love you, I thank you. Thank you for your persistent and consistent love, may all this who read this be encouraged to put in the effort to push through! Give us strength and courage to love you more, to be more obedient and to humble ourselves daily. May we use the power we have to change our own minds and perception. May we show others a way out of anxiety, of depression and of rebellion. May we love you more for who you are, and not what you can do for us! Thank you lord for your fire, even if it hurts. In Jesus name, Amen. 



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