Devotional 6/1

For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, and slander. Matthew 15:19

The truth that has power to make you free cannot stay in your head, it has to go into your heart.

This past Tuesday I requested a prayer petition for God to help me guard my heart and to consecrate it for Him, people only understood the first part and I know why. Most people do not know the power of the heart. God sees our heart, and He cleans our hearts as we grow in Him, and fellowship in His presence. Our hearts deceive us, and are wicked beyond comprehension. Who can know our hearts? ONLY GOD. The enemy has been planting seeds into our hearts since the day we were born, not because He knew that we would one day be Christians- but because he is the prince of this world and He only comes to kill, steal and destroy. We are not special because the enemy attacks us, He attacks everyone to keep them in a lie and away from God, and His true purpose for their life. The difference is that once we are professing Christians, and begin to walk in discipleship he attacks us in a greater way. It’s great if we guard our hearts, but is our heart dedicated only to God?

God calls us to consecrate HIM in our hearts, this means that God wants to be God in our hearts, minds and lives. To be a believer is different than to be a disciple of Jesus, the difference is in consecration. I have observed in my own life that I would consecrate myself for fasting and prayer, and then find myself in some type of disobedience within a few days. I’ve had to really decide to be free. Where does sin coming from anyway? It comes from our hearts! Ever since I can remember in Christ, I have worked on my heart because God revealed to me long ago that our issues come from the heart. We speak a lot about guarding our minds, but we do not give much attention to the heart.

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The heart creates the thoughts that arise in our minds, yes the enemy sends darts to the mind- but our hearts either agree or reject these thoughts.

The mind holds and receives information, it goes and comes from our hearts. If you think about something too long, and too often it will move into your heart and begin to change your behavior. This is true for right thinking and wrong thinking too.

Knowing is not enough, we have to study our hearts. We have to be like David who asked God to search his heart, and let him know so that he may be free and walk in righteousness.  Proverbs 27, verse 19 says that our hearts reflect us, meaning that if we are acting in a wrong way even if we don’t want to , is really a reflection of what our own heart is full of!

I want you to get so mad reading this that you go and study the heart in scripture! You need to understand that ALL behavior, ALL attitudes, and ALL sin comes from your heart. Even Jesus said that if you even look at somebody , you have already committed sin by lusting in your heart. (Matthew 5:28)

If you want to repent, and remember repent means to change directions and stop doing, then start in your heart. Ask God to change your heart. I remember I had to pray to desire repent, because I liked sin that much. They don’t teach you that in church, but I care for your souls so God bless you.

Let’s pray:

Father God, may you touch and change our hearts. Change our hardened hearts for zealous hearts, our stony hearts to hearts of flesh. Show us the things which hinder us and those places which make us prey to the enemy. I pray for your consuming fire to purify our hearts again, from all offense and bitterness, which has accumulated over the years. I pray we would bear good works of repentance, and of love for others. I pray for your love to cover us in dreams and visions, I can still vividly remember when you melted the chains from my heart in 2011 God. And I know you can still do this and more even now, we still need more transformation and more consecration, so I ask you for these miracles in Jesus name. Amen. 

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