Devotional 6/9 

Your eye is a lamp that provides light for your body. When your eye is good, your whole body is filled with light. Matthew 6:22

By lamp, this verse may mean that the eye is a metaphorical window by which enlightens the body. Alternatively the lamp might not be meant as a source of light, but rather as a guide through darkness, just as the eye is a guide through life.

We cannot blame the devil for everything, we are usually the ones responsible for situations. Our fallen nature, is prone to worldliness and to immediate satisfaction. Our bodies are already program since infancy, to give place to the devil. We are programmed by culture, society, family and media entertainment.

The culture we live in today, fights for the rights of everything whether it’s right or wrong. Then again what is right and what is wrong? As Christians our foundation is the word of God, so God’s word determines the right and the wrong. Sometimes we act wrong, despite of knowing what God’s word says. And some times God spirits helps us act right, without knowing the word.

If someone is not hurt by a decision you make, then it’s considered a good choice: but I learned a while ago that good doesn’t mean Holy, and holy does not mean good or right. Especially not in standards the world has set. We have to discipline ourselves in the word of God, as to say reprogram our minds. And then use self control to walk in wisdom according to the biblical principles we learn.  Wisdom is applying knowledge. You can know the how to manual to drive, yet not be able to drive. God is very practical, He expects us to do, He expects us to learn to manage our lives. Because we grow wise, we decide if we want to invite the devil into our lives.

If the hottest thing is to be super caked up in make up, but is it God’s standard of holiness? If the hottest song today, says to pop mollies and drop it like its hot, is this Gods standard of holiness? If your favorite songs consists of break up songs, believe me all you will attract are men who will break your heart. If you are always watching violence on TV and video games, it will desensitize you to think it is okay to react in this way or for others to do so as well.

The worlds ways impulses us to take revenge, to be in competition with each other, to be envious, to disrespect others, to cheat and accept to be cheated on, etc. Media has power to make your faith waver, because it influences and invites your old man to react by touching your heart. Subconsciously our minds retrieve and store information from all places, from whatever it sees and hears!

Guard your heart when listening to others, whether in song, in person or on TV and movies. These can influence you to hold in things, and then soon you would be overflowing with anger or bitterness towards yourself, others and/or God. So many different things can affect us because again, we live in the world, even though we are not of it.

Let’s pray:

Father God, we understand that this scripture really means that if we pretend that we are fine, yet walk in the ways of the world or if our perception is wrong we are in darkness and not in the light of God. Help us to maintain our minds eye on your.  May we put away old mindsets and customs, may we accept your holiness into our lives as a mirror. Help us to see the way you want us to see, and to be directed by your joy, love and contentment. I pray this for all of the saints in Christ. In Jesus name, Amen.

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