Devotional 6/12

Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. Hebrews 10:25

No church is perfect.

In the church itself, we will experience misuse, under-appreciation, manipulation, gossip, slander, envy, imposing of opinions and pretense. But guess what? No church is perfect. That’s why Paul said: Do not stop congregating as many have made it a custom. 
  • Yes, Christians are not perfect. Some Christians are fanatical, others are hypocrites, and some like me and you are struggling and battling their own demons.
  • Some Christians are quick to judge, and send people to hell, lacking in mercy and love; when you see this use it as a tool for prayer. These actions uncover their hearts: showing you how they feel and think about God themselves.
  • If your pastors and leaders are competing with each other, pray for them and ask God to lead you to another church. This may simply be a trial for your church, and you will grow from it- but God may move you out for your salvation’s sake.
  • If your pastor threatens you in any way saying if you don’t tithe, or leave their church, you are going to lose your anointing, or that you will be cursed, or that you will backslide into the world, be careful. It may be true but it also may be a lie from hell. Some preachers throw satanic darts at people in their congregation from the pulpit, and it’s disheartening and scary. If they are saying this it is because they are using fear to keep the people in THEIR congregation, not in God’s church. If you leave in rebellion, without praying and decide to go church hopping, the consequences may be to face battles outside of God’s covering. Please pray if your leaders are operating in manipulation and oppression.
  • Yes, you can be anointed and emotional; this is why we can never put any man on a pedestal. Some preachers will offend specific people in their flock, depending on individual circumstances, because they go into their emotions. Forgive and pray for them to be spirit led and self controlled, we are all human.
  • You will also see cliques. From experience, I can tell you that friendship is built; we can love everyone but this doesn’t mean we are closely knitted with everyone. Sometimes you have no chemistry with people, but we should always be open to receive others in fellowship.
  • You will see people run after for leadership and other positions of status, instead of holiness and love. You may see contentions, envy, gossip and strife within the members that say to love each other. Intercede, God allowed you to see, so that you may be the difference maker and the watchman on the tower.

You must remain open to love, because otherwise you block off God’s healing and blessings.

When I see these things, it challenges me because my flesh and old nature wants to me to revert from the work God has done in me. The enemy knows I was a “F— the world” type of female. It was normal for me to be angry and indifferent with certain people and situations in my life; therefore he works to make me that way again. Back then, I felt as if it was me against the world. Although I loved people, it was not easy for me to express it. From childhood, I was not taught to be affectionate or receive affection, so as a youth and young adult being tough was perfectly normal.

Hang out after church? Never.
Hug me?
Why? You fake.
I love you.
Sure you do, you don’t even know me.

As believers we are to serve each other, with a word, with a helping hand, and/or with company. We are called to assembly in the church because we are to be a support and a push for each other. We stir each other up in serving God through good works and in seeking God through prayer, reading and worship. We are also polished as gold by the fire, our attitude is sharpened and our souls delivered. As we grow in Christ, our fruits are pruned and our branches cut. Our character is transformed into Christ likeness, and our faith learns perseverance.
Let’s pray:
Lord Jesus, helps us all to stay planted in our churches. We understand that the bible commands us to gather together with the saints, and does not speak about church hopping or being God’s temple in the home. I thank you for your holy spirit, may our convictions grow stronger and may our love for you and desire to please grow as well. I ask that you help each of us to guard our hearts, and to run from sin whether in the heart, the mind or in action. In Jesus name, Amen.
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