Devotional 6/14

All things are lawful,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are lawful,” but not all things build up. 1 Corinthians 10:23

In eating and drinking, and in all we do, we should aim at the glory of God, at pleasing and honoring him.
Matthew Henry

It’s pretty obvious that God desires our freedom, fun, creativity, and talents but why  should we exercise our gift and talents with caution? We should aim to act right for the sake of other people’s salvation. If my freedom to drink wine, will make a brother who considers drinking wine a sin, then I must keep my freedoms to myself for the sake of that person’s salvation. If I believe in voting for Republicans, and my Christian brother does not believe in voting at all, then that conversation needs to be limited, given that it will not benefit in edification to anyone. As Christian God challenges us to aim higher,  for example what would benefit our fellow brother and sister in Christ. For instance I love music, but not all music is pleasing to God’s Holy spirit. So can a Christian listen to worldly music, I believe so. But we have to be honest, realistic and discerning when it comes to media entertainment.

And why is it such a challenge for us? Other than music being used by Satan to advance his demonic agenda and promote sin, our challenge lies in our flesh and souls. Worldly music offers various types of comfort and escape to the human soul and flesh. But God’s music gives us our soul and Spirit comfort and edification. So when listening to music, evaluate some of these aspects:

  • What is its focus?
    God, self, other people, or things
  • How does it affect your flesh?
    dance, praise, jump, arouse violence, sing, cry, laugh
  • Where does it take your mind?
    Does it make you imagine things or scenarios? Happy ones, fighting ones, fresh ones
  • How does it incite your flesh?
    anger, pride, envy, rebellion, love,romance, desire, joy, peace, hope

Remember in a previous post, I mentioned that Saul had a tormenting spirit and David played the harp for him and the evil spirit departed! So for certain, music does bring alleviating shifts to our emotions and psyche; but what kind of music does this in a godly way? Should we only listen to Godly and holy music? I would say so.

We have to keep our minds focused on God, right? Is this not the goal? Music is related to worship, but also relational to our human nature. The power of God, the love of God and the peace of God can be accessed through anointed music. The bible says we should think about the good, the honorable, the praiseworthy…. this goes for music, TV, movies and conversations. God wants us to enjoy the time given to us on earth, which is why we can enjoy nature, food, love, sex and music. But it all has its standard, that being biblical standard. It is natural for the human being to desire pleasure and comfort. For example sex is a natural resource, but can we go out and have sex with whomever and however, whenever? No, God’s biblical standard in get married and love your wife/husband; the rest is up to you. God does the same with all our liberties, remember God is holy and He is a God of order.


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