Devotional 6/23

Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh and free the Israelites from Egypt? Exodus 3:11

Did you have a supernatural encounter with God?

Moses had a supernatural encounter with God. God manifested himself as a burning bush and spoke to Moses.God did not ask Moses to free the Israelites from Pharaoh, yet does tell him what he was going to do. God commands Moses to go to Pharaoh. He was to free the Israelite people but Moses doubted himself. Was he able to answer the call of God? Have you ever tried to get out of doing something for God? What did he have to lose anyway? Why do we hesitate?

Maybe Moses asked God to send someone else because maybe he feared failing or dying. Maybe Moses hesitated, considering the fact that he lost his temper and killed an Egyptian man; maybe he saw that as a loss. Moses ran away after he was confronted, possibly too focused on people’s opinion or maybe too attached on the view he held of himself, maybe of guilty mind or no good  self image. Moses asked questions like ‘who am I, that I should go do something for you? And complained about his speech impediment. He seemed modest, even insecure. Have you ever meditated on this? 

We are the church of Christ. In the same way that Satan has demons, powers, spiritual hosts, and principalities- God has angels, heavens army, the blood of Jesus and the word of God. In the same ways the people of the world glorify Satan, we glorify our God, Jehovah. The world prays before their performances, for power to minister to their fans and to feed from them. We Christians glorify God and connect with Him. We raise our praise to bring his power into our environment, not to praise the pastor or the worship team. These are spiritual mysteries, and are not only FOR or only IN the church. God first confirmed to me that the demons have powers too when reading Moses’ experience. The devil turns rods into snakes too. But one thing is certain, Gods snake eats all the other snakes!!!

  • Command: give an authoritative order; ordertelldirectinstruct, call on, require, 

Eventhough Moses tried to get out of God’s plan and purpose, God didn’t let him. Like Jonah, God brought him, specially delivered him to Nineveh in a fish. God actually calls Aaron to accompany, or help Moses! And instructs him on what to say and do in the presence of Pharaoh. And us Moses story not mighty? How often do you hear of mighty liberators of Christ, or mighty Christian humanitarians? Moses made a difference in the kingdom of the world, and deeply affected the world of darkness. And he even felt hesitance, doubt, insecurity or fear, and maybe all of the above! Maybe he needed emotional support, maybe he needed a physical support, maybe God had to provide Aaron so that Moses would not have anxiety attacks or temper tantrums. Who knows but we do know, God made a command, Moses made a suggestion and God sovereignty handled it.

If you feel in any way like Moses in your own journey with God,
rest assured God can work with you and all of your excuses and shortcomings. 

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, I rebuke all spirits of fear, uncertainty and self doubt! By the power of your blood and authority, we uproot all ties in us of anything associated with guilt, self hatred, ridicule or fear of failure in Jesus’ mighty and wonderful name. Amen!


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