Devotional 6/29

For this people’s heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them. Matthew 13:15

You’ve been cursed by the words you’ve spoken and which have been prophesied over you, until you change you mind you will be the same.
Td Jakes

I observe and study people’s vibes, and I search people’s eyes. I’m not easily convinced by people’s looks, status or words. I’ve been misunderstood my entire life, and it’s made me an introvert, even though I’m very out of the box. Most people don’t get me and I have very few people I call friends.  I’m not anti social, I’ve just learned to be alone. It’s actually a great thing, it’s developed me into a whole and independent person. I think for myself and I am not easily influenced, I’ve learned that it scares people when you do not need them. Those who know me but haven’t lived life with me cannot figure me out, and feel uneasy around me. Yes, I am guarded and I avoid putting myself  in places of forced conversation or small talk! I’m also straight up borderline rude, and sometimes I push people’s buttons just to test how much they can take. I’m a self taught psychologist, my friends will tell you, but I can guarantee it- the human soul is intriguing. That’s just who I am. So who are you? Do you know your Self? Are you okay being you, and only you?

I believe that each individual in this earth is amazing, except if you are a hypocrite, a slanderer or superficially vague. I have no interests in these type of people, yet I do believe they may have their awesome qualities nonetheless. Why do I say all this? I noticed that most people do not understand with the heart. Some see but are blind, have ears but are not really listening. Something is up with their hearts. See Jesus said that we have calloused hearts. But are we not, as Christ followers supposed to have a new heart. Holy Spirit took our hearts of stone and gave us a new heart of flesh, is that a processual transformation or is it a complete instantaneous work?

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The negative voice that you hear is not you. It comes from negative things you have been told and/or believed about yourself, and its power has been compounded by its very existence.
Will Bowen

You can be a good person with a kind heart and still say no. You can be talented and not be conceited. You can be beautiful and not be arrogant. You can be self assured, and not be imposing or self righteous. Sometimes we limit our own development because we hear the echos of someone’s opinion. Once God came into our hearts, He became our audience and our mighty counselor, our teacher and best friend. Why shy away from becoming your true self, because you are afraid of some people’s opinion. Do those peoples opinions pay your rent? Do those people know the paths you’ve had to walk through, overcome or endure? Were they there with you during your darkest moments? And even if they were, the best thing you can for them is to be yourself. Be good to yourself: they can never be you. My greatest hope and desire is that every single person on earth would know their God given purpose, and be loud and proud as they navigate through life in attaining it. Every one needs to pray for the enlightening of the Holy Spirit, that we may see how God works with each individual and discern each person’s position in God’s kingdom. God Himself opens our eyes and ears to understand His word, He reveals the future being the spirit of prophecy himself, so why do people walk in assumption and offense? Why do we walk around timidly and unsure? Are we not convinced of God’s immense power and protection?

Let’s pray:

Dear Lord, thank you for your patience with us and the people who are around us for their patience with us as well. Eventhough we do not always understand eachother, or know of each other’s private life I understand that you intended they be in our lives. I pray that each of us may have tolerance for the other, because we have different histories and have no idea about what each soul holds. I ask that you hide our hearts from assumptions and judgement, and grant us greater wisdom and discernment to deal with others accordingly. May we understand with our hearts, and perceive your works in their lives respectively. In Jesus name, Amen.

Service comes from you, from your heart.
Earl Nightingale

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