Devotional 6/30

He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathers not with me scatters abroad. Matthew 12:30

There are only two sides with God

  • throw in various random directions; disperse, break up, disbandseparate, move/go in different directions, go separate ways
  • occur or be found at intervals rather than all together.
  • (of a group of people or animals) separate and move off quickly in different directions.
  • cause (a group of people or animals) to separate and move off quickly in different directions.
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Are you serving God? Are you serving Him by doing things for Him or doing things with Him?

We can be for the church in a very selfish and self centered way, just like people can preach Christ for money, popularity, status or any other selfish ambition. But we can be faithful to our church, yet against any other church that holds different doctrine or different styles of preaching and evangelizing. But what is God speaking about when He says that we gather with him or scatter away from Him? Because obviously to gather and to scatter are two opposing things.

God expects us to gather with Him. gather what? Souls. We either draw people to Jesus or drive them away from the Lord! When we do not lead people to God, we will ourselves scatter in the abyss. I have never thought of this scripture in this way. But God has given me the understanding, and I myself am shocked.

God is basically saying, ‘He who is not working with Me scatters from Me.


  • come together; assemble or accumulate; congregateassemblemeetcollect, come/get together, convenemusterrallyconverge
Let’s pray:
Father forgive us!! We do not want to be against you, or deter your kingdom. Thank you Lord, for this word, may it penetrate deep into our soul, flesh and spirit. May we be in partnership with you! In Jesus name, Amen.

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