Devotional 7/2

And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart; Acts 2:46

When you love someone, you expect to love you in the same way- with singleness of heart.
Colleen Coble

The bible talks about the first church, and how they were one in spirit and shared everything. Singleness of heart” indicates a unanimous singleness of purpose. I’ve spoken before about God burning the chains that bound my heart, and giving me a new heart of flesh to know and serve Him; and today my devotional came from a similar area. When we receive Jesus into our hearts, He give us new motives, principles to live by, and new purposes for life! God gives us responsive hearts, we are able to respond and interact with God through His word and His spirit, and His sons and daughters.

  • Singleness of heart (also called wholeheartedness) is the ideal of having sole devotion to a task or endeavor. A counteraction to division/contention caused by the soul.

What happens at conversion, is truly miraculous which is why Romans 1:16 says that it is the power of God to salvation.

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It is not eye service that please God,
but singleness of heart.
Amber Schamel

So what was singleness of heart according to the early church? Having a one minded heart means:

  • the laws of God were written in their hearts, the scriptures
  • uphold the doctrine of salvation (have a sense repentance and sin, their dependence on God for life and salvation)
  • they shared in Christ’s suffering in trials, temptations, afflictions and persecutions and awaited His promises
  • share in Christlike nature
  • they sympathized with one another
  • they have the same things put into their hearts
  • they had the same heart towards one another; not loving one more than the other
  • Holy spirit was with them, and graced them for generosity, faith and love

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, thank you for a new heart and the ability to desire you and reverence you. The will to pray, worship and serve. I present to you the church of Christ, in the entire world, may we all share in this singleness of heart with our brothers and sisters of the faith. I ask that you give us all a grace for unity, deference, gentleness and humility in our souls, and let these traits flood over into our actions. Help us to please you in deed and in action, and to be more selfless each day. In Jesus name, Amen.

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