Devotional 7/7

LORD our God, other lords besides you have dominion over us, but we will acknowledge and mention only Your name. Isaiah 26:13

Afflictions bring us to secret prayer.

It’s possible that your past has scarred you in such a way that in order for you to speak of it, you unknowingly go into to a negative state or a place of anxiety. For many people, remembering the past and it’s hard times, remind us of the harsh control of Satan. Maybe that control was expressed through an abusive parent, a deceiving partner, or a manipulative caretaker, maybe your mind led you into things you regret now because you question yourself- what was I thinking?!  Whether people admit it or not, there are some situations we experience, that we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies. And these type of situations may keep you (us) afraid of going on, we may think I was hurt or I failed in that one: I may keep failing, I may keep getting hurt, anyhow.

For some us the memory of struggle, the wounds, the heartbreaks, the violations, tend to develop a desire in us to experience good. We can desire good, yet expect more negative things to happen; it’s a mechanism of our psyche. And even as we wait for good things to happen, God holds them back for a season.

Maybe it feels like the devil and his agents have more power over you than your own spirit, or God’s all powerful Holy spirit. But one thing the scriptures say is do not mention the other ‘gods’; mention God only. Do not acknowledge the others, but exalt the lord your God.  Mention, enlarge, praise God by faith even if your situation does not seem praiseworthy or even when it seems (truth be told) unbearable.


  • sovereignty, control, authority, domination, superiority, mastery, jurisdiction, power, rule; possession, the territory of a sovereign or government.

God is still on the throne. God can still change your life in one moment. God can do more for you in a second, than what you can do in a span of 10 years hard work! Even though the temptation to curse God is real, we should remember Job.  Job refused the offer from his wife, who told him “just curse God and die!”. We have to resist! Even if you juggle with addictions, wondering when is God going to deliver me? Or battling other sins like lying or stealing, why be a Christian, when I’m living like a devil? I’m still worldly, I can’t change my desires- will I ever change? I have no self control, all I want is comfort and pleasure, this is too hard why pray? Keep holding on. Work on what you can work on, like taking time out to pray or worship even if 5 minutes a day! Push yourself to go to church, or to fellowship with other believers, even if you feel out of place- God will multiply your effort. Read even a scripture a day and let God fight for you. God is really concerned with our hearts, He deals with the rest by grace. If you haven’t noticed yet, God works with us in seasons.

This may be your season of other gods having rule over you or oppressing you; maybe you can be alone in the desert; or maybe now you are on the mountaintop like the transfiguration

KEEP GOING, you are going through! As long as you keep going, you will break through!

Worship God, and praise Him by faith. Thank Him for what you expect and want to receive, and give no glory to the devil. Do not even blame the devil, do not do as most Christians do- blame the devil for everything. Instead praise God, through everything!

Let’s pray:

Lord God almighty, thank you for this word. And thank you for sustaining us through hard times. Even if it seems harder than hard, we know that you will lead us to triumph! Your word is truth, and that’s what it says in 2nd Corinthians. Even if we feel forsaken, your word says you will never leave nor forsake us. Even if we feel weak, your word says we are not destroyed. Even if Someone here feels weak, Paul says let them say they are strong, and if they are poor he also says let them say they are rich. We are overcomers in You, and it’s all true because your word is truth to those who believe. Thank you lord. In Jesus name, Amen. 

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