Devotional 7/17

Where God’s love is, there is no fear, because God’s perfect love takes away fear. It is his punishment that makes a person fear. So his love is not made perfect in the one who has fear. 1 John 4:18


Perfect love casts out fear

I remember coming to Christ, and being afraid of giving a word God had given me to give the congregation. My sister in the faith, called me over to her and said “Sis, you have a word from God. Do not be afraid, perfect love casts out fear.” I valiantly rose up to the occasion, understanding that God loved me in a perfect way and that He would not let me down. I walked and knelt before the altar, until the pastor asked the reason for my stepping forward. I remember that day like it was yesterday: on the outside I was wrapped in fear, but on the inside- I felt the Holy Spirit jumping in my belly. I knew God was nudging me to speak. I heard His voice repeat the same words so that I would release them but I resisted, for fear of rejection. But when my sis declared the word of God over me, it removed the anxiety and fear which oppressed me. That is the power of God’s word. Years later this word continues to guide my life, and walk in the faith, having learned more about it as well. Even though the scripture does say perfect love casts out fear, what love? and who’s love is the bible talking about? There is only one who is perfect! God is Perfect! He is the only perfect being.

God loves you with a perfect love. There are no buts, or ifs when it comes to God’s love. There are mistakes, or regret when it comes to the way God loves us. There is no possible adultery, no possible betrayal, no possible deceit in the way Jesus loves us.

How does God take away fear? Fear happens to all of us, it comes disguised as worry, anxiety, restlessness, overthinking, planning, stress, panic, compulsiveness (excessive shopping, eating disorders, etc.), addictions (smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc) and even disease. Remember dis-ease, you have no ease (no simplicity, it is difficult). God removes fear from our life, in the same way people trust in medicine, relationships or money. Some believe money will give them security in health, and in their chosen lifestyle. Others think medicine offers cures, and depend on it for healing. While some think the answer to their problems is a husband, a wife or a baby. God offers us security, protection and unconditional love. God’s loving kindness, His mercy extends, and is new every morning. This calms the soul: the mind, the heart and our will.

What is fear? And why do people fear? 

  • Fear Of The Unknown: uncertainty, worry about bad things that could happen (and often don’t!)
  • Fear Of Loss: worry of feeling pain or suffering from no longer having something or someone you are emotionally attached to.
  • Fear Of Death: The uncertainty of not knowing what happens after life is over
  • Fear of failure or of success: Associated with insecurity & issues of responsibility: lack of confidence in your SELF: worry that you are not good enough or capable
  • Fear of lack: worry that financially you will suffer need
  • Fear Of Being Judged, of Embarrassment, of being abandoned, of loneliness or rejection: worry that people will not love or accept you, low self esteem, need approval of others (developed in childhood). Constant worry about what people would think about you.
  • Fear Of Emotional Pain, intimacy or of expressing your true feelings: is wanting to avoid potential negative emotions; this is me. I hold back from engaging in dialogue with some people in my life. Because I am strictly unwilling to let others get too close. Terrible.

If we are honest with ourselves, we all have fears, maybe they are mentioned above and maybe they are not. For example, fear of the supernatural, fear of enclosed places, fear of insects (I have this thing against roaches, its crazy), or even fear of flying, etc. The root of it all is lack of trust in God. The more we become secure in God the more we overcome. I used to fear losing loved ones, and was very overprotective but because I know God is just and by faith He will grant eternal life even on the death bed- I overcame that fear. I also overcame uncertainty, because I believe that God has me and my life in the palm of His hands, therefore His sovereignty directs my path. I also had issues with money, but God taught me that He is my provider during 2 different processes (the first lasted 2 years and the second lasted 6 months). I am currently working on my avoidance issues, because Jesus did not fear emotional pain! God did not give us a spirit of fear, God gave us a spirit of love, of power and of a sound mind (self discipline). Most people that operate in fear, try to control everything and everyone; sometimes in subtle ways and other times very directly. They usually mean well, but their true intention is to protect themselves, and usually keep any others from taking authority over them. We all need to learn to trust God! We need to pray, and choose to believe that He does what is best for us every time. The love of God is more than head knowledge, it needs to be experienced! I know a few people who have no mercy towards themselves or others, because they do not know the love of God. I know others who are afraid of dying, and it is obvious they do not believe the word of God. God is dependable. God is reliable. God is the SOURCE. God is the creator of all that is seen, and unseen. God is the great architect, the great orchestrator. Our times are in God’s hands.

Pointers for overcoming fears: keep a journal of the things God does where you feel loved!

  • When people give you things, compliments or gifts write it!
  • When God answers prayers or answered questions you asked write it!
  • And meditate!

I always tell people to meditate, and they think I’m crazy. But anyhow, meditate! You can either think of scriptures, visualize scriptures or confess scripture with emotion: and you will see that your life does change. 

Let’s pray:

Thank you my God for caring so much about us, even our emotional and mental health. Even though we don’t know our own issues, we thank you because you know us from the inside out. Today I pray for those reading this, may you continue to reveal your love and care to us in a detailed way. May we receive favor, grace and intimate insight on the fact that you are paying attention to us. May we overcome every obstacle that presents itself, as you show us that it is for our own perfection and calling that you are doing so! In Jesus name, Amen.


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